Расписание Чемпионата Беларуси 2022

Расписание Чемпионата Беларуси 2022, Полный календарь чемпионата Беларуси-2022, Календарь – 32-й чемпионат Беларуси 2022.

Расписание Чемпионата Беларуси 2022, Belarusian Premier League or the Vyšejšaja Liha or the Vysheyshaya Liga (Belarusian: Вышэйшая ліга, Russian: Высшая лига, “Top League”) is the top division of professional football in Belarus, and is organized by the Belarusian Football Federation. The number of teams in the competition has varied over the years from as high as 17 (1992–93 season) to as low as 11 (2012).

Расписание Чемпионата Беларуси 2022

17. Round
12/08/202216:00Torpedo-BelAZ ZhodinoEnergetik-BGU Minsk4:0 (1:0)
18:00Neman GrodnoFK Slutsk1:0 (0:0)
13/08/202213:00FK Isloch MinskDinamo Brest1:2 (0:0)
15:00FK MinskFK Vitebsk2:0 (0:0)
17:00FK Slaviya MozyrFK Gomel0:1 (0:1)
14/08/202215:30BATE BorisovBelshina Bobruisk-:-
17:30Arsenal DzerzhinskDinamo Minsk-:-
15/08/202217:30Dnepr MogilevShakhter Soligorsk-:-
18. Round
19/08/202216:00Torpedo-BelAZ ZhodinoFK Minsk-:-
20/08/202212:00FK SlutskEnergetik-BGU Minsk-:-
14:00FK VitebskArsenal Dzerzhinsk-:-
16:00FK GomelBelshina Bobruisk-:-
21/08/202212:00BATE BorisovDnepr Mogilev-:-
14:00Dinamo MinskFK Slaviya Mozyr-:-
16:00Shakhter SoligorskFK Isloch Minsk-:-
22/08/202217:30Dinamo BrestNeman Grodno-:-
19. Round
26/08/202216:00Arsenal DzerzhinskTorpedo-BelAZ Zhodino-:-
27/08/202212:00FK MinskFK Slutsk-:-
14:00Energetik-BGU MinskDinamo Brest-:-
16:00FK Slaviya MozyrFK Vitebsk-:-
18:00Neman GrodnoFK Isloch Minsk-:-
28/08/202214:00Belshina BobruiskDinamo Minsk-:-
16:00Dnepr MogilevFK Gomel-:-
18:00BATE BorisovShakhter Soligorsk-:-
20. Round
03/09/2022Dinamo MinskDnepr Mogilev-:-
Dinamo BrestFK Minsk-:-
FK Isloch MinskEnergetik-BGU Minsk-:-
FK SlutskArsenal Dzerzhinsk-:-
FK VitebskBelshina Bobruisk-:-
FK GomelBATE Borisov-:-
Shakhter SoligorskNeman Grodno-:-
Torpedo-BelAZ ZhodinoFK Slaviya Mozyr-:-
21. Round
10/09/2022Arsenal DzerzhinskDinamo Brest-:-
BATE BorisovDinamo Minsk-:-
Energetik-BGU MinskNeman Grodno-:-
Belshina BobruiskTorpedo-BelAZ Zhodino-:-
FK MinskFK Isloch Minsk-:-
FK GomelShakhter Soligorsk-:-
Dnepr MogilevFK Vitebsk-:-
FK Slaviya MozyrFK Slutsk-:-
22. Round
17/09/2022Dinamo MinskFK Gomel-:-
Dinamo BrestFK Slaviya Mozyr-:-
FK Isloch MinskArsenal Dzerzhinsk-:-
Neman GrodnoFK Minsk-:-
FK SlutskBelshina Bobruisk-:-
FK VitebskBATE Borisov-:-
Shakhter SoligorskEnergetik-BGU Minsk-:-
Torpedo-BelAZ ZhodinoDnepr Mogilev-:-
23. Round
01/10/2022Arsenal DzerzhinskNeman Grodno-:-
BATE BorisovTorpedo-BelAZ Zhodino-:-
Dinamo MinskShakhter Soligorsk-:-
Belshina BobruiskDinamo Brest-:-
FK MinskEnergetik-BGU Minsk-:-
FK GomelFK Vitebsk-:-
Dnepr MogilevFK Slutsk-:-
FK Slaviya MozyrFK Isloch Minsk-:-
24. Round
08/10/2022Dinamo BrestDnepr Mogilev-:-
Energetik-BGU MinskArsenal Dzerzhinsk-:-
FK Isloch MinskBelshina Bobruisk-:-
Neman GrodnoFK Slaviya Mozyr-:-
FK SlutskBATE Borisov-:-
FK VitebskDinamo Minsk-:-
Shakhter SoligorskFK Minsk-:-
Torpedo-BelAZ ZhodinoFK Gomel-:-
25. Round
15/10/2022Arsenal DzerzhinskFK Minsk-:-
BATE BorisovDinamo Brest-:-
Dinamo MinskTorpedo-BelAZ Zhodino-:-
Belshina BobruiskNeman Grodno-:-
FK VitebskShakhter Soligorsk-:-
FK GomelFK Slutsk-:-
Dnepr MogilevFK Isloch Minsk-:-
FK Slaviya MozyrEnergetik-BGU Minsk-:-
26. Round
22/10/2022Dinamo BrestFK Gomel-:-
Energetik-BGU MinskBelshina Bobruisk-:-
FK MinskFK Slaviya Mozyr-:-
FK Isloch MinskBATE Borisov-:-
Neman GrodnoDnepr Mogilev-:-
FK SlutskDinamo Minsk-:-
Shakhter SoligorskArsenal Dzerzhinsk-:-
Torpedo-BelAZ ZhodinoFK Vitebsk-:-
27. Round
29/10/2022BATE BorisovNeman Grodno-:-
Dinamo MinskDinamo Brest-:-
Belshina BobruiskFK Minsk-:-
FK VitebskFK Slutsk-:-
FK GomelFK Isloch Minsk-:-
Dnepr MogilevEnergetik-BGU Minsk-:-
FK Slaviya MozyrArsenal Dzerzhinsk-:-
Torpedo-BelAZ ZhodinoShakhter Soligorsk-:-
28. Round
05/11/2022Arsenal DzerzhinskBelshina Bobruisk-:-
Dinamo BrestFK Vitebsk-:-
Energetik-BGU MinskBATE Borisov-:-
FK MinskDnepr Mogilev-:-
FK Isloch MinskDinamo Minsk-:-
Neman GrodnoFK Gomel-:-
FK SlutskTorpedo-BelAZ Zhodino-:-
Shakhter SoligorskFK Slaviya Mozyr-:-
29. Round
13/11/2022BATE BorisovFK Minsk-:-
Dinamo MinskNeman Grodno-:-
Belshina BobruiskFK Slaviya Mozyr-:-
FK SlutskShakhter Soligorsk-:-
FK VitebskFK Isloch Minsk-:-
FK GomelEnergetik-BGU Minsk-:-
Dnepr MogilevArsenal Dzerzhinsk-:-
Torpedo-BelAZ ZhodinoDinamo Brest-:-
30. Round
19/11/2022Arsenal DzerzhinskBATE Borisov-:-
Dinamo BrestFK Slutsk-:-
Energetik-BGU MinskDinamo Minsk-:-
FK MinskFK Gomel-:-
FK Isloch MinskTorpedo-BelAZ Zhodino-:-
Neman GrodnoFK Vitebsk-:-
Shakhter SoligorskBelshina Bobruisk-:-
FK Slaviya MozyrDnepr Mogilev-:-

Расписание Чемпионата Беларуси 2022, The league included 16 teams as of 2016. Throughout the season, every team plays every other team twice. The two clubs with the fewest points at the end of the season are immediately demoted to the Belarusian First League, while the third-worst team competes in a promotion-relegation matchup against the third-best team from the second division.

Расписание Чемпионата Беларуси 2022
Расписание Чемпионата Беларуси 2022

Расписание Чемпионата Беларуси 2022, Promotion to the Premier League is automatic for the top two clubs from the Belarusian First League. The current winners are Shakhtyor Soligorsk, who won their second championship title in 2021.

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