Al Ahly SC Squad 2022/2023

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Al Ahly Sporting Club النادي الأهلي الرياضي; lit. ’The National Club’, commonly referred to as Al Ahly, is an Egyptian professional sports club based in Cairo. It is one of the most successful football clubs in the world based on total trophies won.

Al Ahly SC Squad 2022/2023

33Hamza AlaaEgypt01/03/2001
1Mohamed El ShenawyEgypt18/12/1988
16Aly LotfiEgypt14/10/1989
31Oufa ShobeirEgypt17/03/2000
24Mohamed AbdelmonemEgypt01/02/1999
12Ayman AshrafEgypt09/04/1991
44Mohamed AshrafEgypt01/10/2001
50Mido El NagarEgypt12/01/2000
28Karim FouadEgypt18/02/1999
30Mohamed HanyEgypt25/01/1996
6Yasser IbrahimEgypt10/02/1993
21Ali MaâloulTunisia01/01/1990
4Mahmoud MetwalliEgypt04/01/1993
5Rami RabiaEgypt20/05/1993
35Ahmed AbdelkaderEgypt23/05/1999
17Amr Al SulayaEgypt02/04/1990
15Aliou DiengMali16/10/1997
14Hussein El ShahatEgypt21/06/1992
43Mohamed FakhriEgypt04/03/1999
8Hamdy FathyEgypt29/09/1994
36Ahmed KokaEgypt04/07/2001
22Mohamed MahmoudEgypt07/05/1998
27Taher MohamedEgypt31/12/1997
42Saleh NasrEgypt07/12/1999
40Mohamed NosseirEgypt07/05/1999
11Walid SolimanEgypt01/12/1984
25Akram TawfikEgypt08/11/1997
20Mahmoud WahidEgypt19/06/1994
38Amar HamdiEgypt07/03/1999
9Hossam HassanEgypt02/09/1993
29Luís MiquissoneMozambique25/07/1995
18Salah MohsenEgypt01/09/1998
Ahmed RayanEgypt24/01/1998
32Ahmed SayedEgypt23/02/2002
47Mohamed SherifEgypt04/02/1996
45Ziad TarekEgypt01/01/2000
23Percy TauSouth Africa13/05/1994
Ricardo SoaresPortugal11/11/1974
Ass. Manager
Samy KomsanEgypt06/03/1976
Goalkeeping Coach
Michel IannaconeBelgium25/01/1960

Al Ahly SC Squad 2022/2023 The top division of the Egyptian football league system is the Egyptian Premier League, where its professional football team competes. The club was established on April 24, 1907, to serve as a meeting venue for the student unions of Cairo.

Al Ahly SC Squad 2022/2023
Al Ahly SC Squad 2022/2023

Al Ahly is Egypt’s most decorated club, having won 42 national league titles, 37 national cups, and 11 national super cups. The team has never been demoted to the Second Division of Egypt. One of the titans of the continent and the most prosperous club in the continent is Al Ahly SC Squad 2022/2023.

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