Al Merrikh SC Squad 2022/2023 Al-Sudani

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نادي المريخ الرياضي Al-Merrikh Sporting Club is a Sudanese football club based in Omdurman. Their home stadium is Al-Merrikh Stadium, which is locally known as The Red Castle. Founded in 1908, Al-Merrikh is one of the oldest football clubs in Africa, and have won the Sudan Premier League 16 times and Sudan Cup 14 times.

Al Merrikh SC Squad 2022/2023 Al-Sudani

1Ahmed Abdelazim03
2Mohamed Mustafa06
30Monged Abuzaid00
40Akram Al Hadi02
5Hamza Dawood03
6Ahmed Mohamed03
13Ahmed Yousif08
15Abdelrahman Hassan21
16Mustafa Karshoum00
20Salaheldin Nemer02
25Elsamani Saadeldin21
26Emad Ali22
36B. Etta20
37A. Olamilekan01
38Bakhit Khamis00
Ahmad Adam Mohammad20
7Mohamed Alrashed21
8Wagdi Alla09
9Ahmed Hamed Mahmoud11
11Tajeldin Elnour06
12Ammar Taifour00
19Dhiya Mahjoub13
21Amir Kamal01
24Mohamed Idris43
31Algozoli Hussien45
35T. Edjomariegwe52
4Bakri Al Madina03
27Mohamed Eldai04
28Azam Osman14
29Ramadan Agab21
39A. Otu06

Al Merrikh SC Squad 2022/2023 Al-Sudani The club and Al-Hilal are bitter rivals, and their matchups frequently sell out. In addition, the club is the only other serious contender for the league title.

They were the only team to ever win the Om-al-Dahab tournament, which was held only once, in 1965. Al-Hilal and Al-Hilal are the two most dominant and prosperous football clubs in Sudan, and both are situated in Omdurman across just Al-Ardha Street.

Al Merrikh SC Squad 2022/2023 Al-Sudani
Al Merrikh SC Squad 2022/2023 Al-Sudani

In 1908, Gordon Memorial College students from the Al-Masalmah district, led by their chairman Jek Deng Aban Gorang, established Al-Merrikh under the name Al-Masalma Sporting Club. On November 14th, 1927, the club changed its name to Al-Merrikh Sporting Club.

Al Merrikh SC Squad 2022/2023 Al-Sudani Aluck Akech, a South Sudanese footballer, was recruited by Al-Merreikh in 2015 following South Sudan’s World Cup qualifying match against Mauritania. Aluck played for South Sudan.

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