Al Nassr Players Salary | Wages & Team totals

Al Nassr Players Salary | Wages & Team totals 2023 Updated. Al-Nassr Football Club has a total of 31 players in its home squad. The highest paid player in the squad is Cristian Ronaldo, who receives around €200 a week in salary, including advertising, followed by Nordin Amrabat, who receives £54,000 a week.

This is the wealthy Al-Nassr football club that participates in the Saudi Professional League, the top professional football league in Saudi Arabia in Al Nassr Players Salary | Wages & Team totals.

Al Nassr Players Salary | Wages & Team totals

Player NameWeekly SalaryYearly SalaryPositionNationality
Cristiano Ronaldo£200M£17 billionSTPortigual
Nordin Amrabat£54,000£2,808,000AM, STMorocco
Abderrazak Hamedallah£48,000£2,496,000STMorocco
Gonzalo Martínez£23,000£1,196,000M, AMArgentina
Brad Jones£23,000£1,196,000GKAustralia
Abdulfattah Asiri£20,000£1,040,000AMSaudi Arabia
Petros£19,000£988,000DM, MBrazil
Abdullah Madu£19,000£988,000DSaudi Arabia
Kim Jin-Su£18,000£936,000D/WBSouth Korea
Abdulmajeed Al-Sulaiheem£18,000£936,000MSaudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Al-Obaid£18,000£936,000D/WBSaudi Arabia
Ayman Yahya£18,000£936,000AMSaudi Arabia
Firas Al-Buraikan£17,000£884,000STSaudi Arabia
Abdullah Al-Khaibari£17,000£884,000DM, MSaudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Al-Dossari£16,000£832,000DM, MSaudi Arabia
Sultan Al-Ghanam£14,000£728,000D/MSaudi Arabia
Mukhtar Ali£14,000£728,000DM, MSaudi Arabia
Ali Lajami£14,000£728,000DSaudi Arabia
Yahya Al-Shehri£13,000£676,000M, AMSaudi Arabia
Khalid Al-Ghannam£12,000£624,000AMSaudi Arabia
Waleed Abdullah£12,000£624,000GKSaudi Arabia
Sami Al-Najai£11,000£572,000DM, M/AMSaudi Arabia
Abdulelah Al-Amri£9,500£494,000DSaudi Arabia
Ali Al-Hassan£9,500£494,000DM, MSaudi Arabia
Osama Al-Khalaf£7,800£405,600DM, MSaudi Arabia
Hamad Al-Mansour£7,200£374,400D, WB/M/AMSaudi Arabia
Raed Al-Ghamdi£6,700£348,400MSaudi Arabia
Mahmoud Samti£3,900£202,800DSaudi Arabia
Mohannad Mando£55£2,860AMSyria
Sultan Al-Ghannam£0£0DSaudi Arabia

According to the information provided by Mussalli Al Muammar, President of Al Nasr Football Club, this contract will prove to be more than just making history as it is a contract that will see success in taking Al Asr club to the highest level. . Ronaldo also made the statement under the salary of Cristiano Ronaldo Al Nassar, where Ronaldo said that I am very lucky that I have now chosen to share my experience in Asia, because I have done it all.

Al Nassr Players Salary | Wages & Team totals
Al Nassr Players Salary | Wages & Team totals

Al Nassr Players Salary | Wages & Team totals He was determined to win in European football. Others have won. In that sequence, under the salary of Christian Ronaldo Al Nassar, he emphasized that he will now join his new teammates so that Club Al Nassar is successful at every step.

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