All Time Barcelona Top Scorers

All Time Barcelona Top Scorers/Mfungaji Bora Wa Barcelona Wa Muda Wote

Barcelona on All Time Barcelona Top Scorers has a lengthy history of being a team Barcelona All-Time Top Scorers with the most exceptional attacking players, illuminating Spanish, European, and international soccer with their goals.

Even with some of the more recent financial issues, it is still a really legendary club, and every player on this list is an all-time great.

Once Lionel Messi goes, Barcelona won’t be able to find a replacement. During his whole lifetime at the club, the Argentinean solidified his status as one of the best strikers to ever play for Barcelona.

Suarez and Ronaldinho, who both scored a ton of goals at Barcelona, are also members of Barca. However, Ronaldinho was not as reliable as Messi, and Suarez is already elderly.

Neymar is among of All Time Barcelona Top Scorers history.

Let’s start with the player Barcelona is most excited about right now, of course!

Messi may have benefited greatly from Barcelona’s love/hate relationship. He has the capacity and variety of skills to compete against Messi and clearly outperform him on some days. He lacks Messi’s consistency, in any event.

Neymar arrived in Barcelona from South America and made a name for himself there. He was a great goal scorer and, after studying with Messi, was about to become the finest player on the globe.

In any event, greed got the best of him since he wanted PSG to be all about him and left Barcelona.

But these relationships never work out, and Neymar’s meaningless behavior, bad reputation, and inability to communicate have now led to the PSG board despising him.

Neymar has now unintentionally made himself the unfortunate victim by actively pursuing a move. Back to Barcelona this time. He may be the best player right now, but he has to adjust his mentality.

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Few athletes have the ability to raise the Nou Camp and Santiago Bernabeu to their feet. He did, in fact. Even though he had only played for Barcelona, this man was finally adored, revered, and respected by both sets of supporters.

All Time Barcelona Top Scorers
All Time Barcelona Top Scorers


All Time Barcelona Top Scorers

PlayerMatchesMinutes per goalGoals per matchGoals
Luis Suarez283122′0.69
César Rodríguez291134′0.67
Luis Enrique301212′0.36

All Time Barcelona Top Scorers/Mfungaji Bora Wa Barcelona Wa Muda Wote

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