All Time La Liga Top Scorers

All Time La Liga Top Scorers/Mfungaji Wa La Liga Wa Muda Wote

Since he started his career with FC Barcelona in 2004 is All Time La Liga Top Scorers, Lionel Messi has scored 444 goals in 485 La Liga games, and he’s still going. At the moment, he holds the record for most goals scored in La Liga.

And certainly, Cristiano Ronaldo, a regular suspect, is in second place among the competitors with more over 100 goals.

However, the Portuguese great would have scored 518 goals if he had played in as many games (485) as Messi did!

How? He would have had 1.07 goals to appearances if you go by that metric.

Do you understand what that means? Ronaldo would have overtaken Messi by an 80-goal gap on the list of La Liga’s all-time leading goal scorers.

Everything in the world is measured, whether it be a person’s success, a movie’s gross, or a star athlete. For the duration of the history of the world, this never-ending conflict has continued. The top 10 All Time La Liga Top Scorers are listed below.

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La Liga, the best men’s professional football league, has been entertaining football fans all around the world since it was founded a century ago.

Millions of people watch the Spanish football competition La Liga, including professional football players who like playing there. Football tournaments are amazing experiences for both spectators and participants.

All Time La Liga Top Scorers
All Time La Liga Top Scorers


Professional athletes put in a lot of effort to get ready for challenging bouts and improve their

All Time La Liga Top Scorers

1Lionel Messi4745200.91
2Cristiano Ronaldo3112921.07
3Telmo Zarra2512780.9
4Hugo Sánchez2343470.67
6Alfredo Di Stéfano2273290.69
7César Rodríguez2233530.63
10Karim Benzema2043980.51

All Time La Liga Top Scorers/Mfungaji Wa La Liga Wa Muda Wote

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