All Time Real Madrid Top Scorers

All Time Real Madrid Top Scorers/Mfungaji Wa Madrid Wa Muda Wote

Real Madrid All Time Top Scorers Possibly the most successful club in European football history is Los Blancos with All Time Real Madrid Top Scorers. They have an unmatched 13 European Cup victories.

Throughout their various years of supremacy, they have had a number of prolific goal scorers. They have also produced some of the best football players in history. The greatest scorers for Real Madrid will be the subject of this article.

Numerous data show that Real Madrid, a Spanish powerhouse, has had numerous prolific goal scorers. Only the top 10 Real Madrid goal scorers from all time will be discussed in this article.

All Time Real Madrid Top Scorers

Who has All Time Real Madrid Top Scorers? How many goals did Ronaldo score throughout his playing career? Fans of Real are seeking for answers to these queries. But dont worry, I’ll go into the specifics as I walk you through this essay on the highest scorers in Real Madrid history.

With 13 victories in the European Cup/UEFA Champions League and 33 La Liga crowns, Real Madrid now holds the record for both categories. With 25, the club has won more international championships than any other team in history. That brings up the question of how many goals Ronaldo has scored for Real Madrid.

You should be aware that Real’s record-holder for appearances is Ral, who made 741 appearances between 1994 and 2010, and that Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese superstar, holds the record most goals scored by Los Blancos with 450 goals in all competitions.

You now know who Real Madrid’s leading scorer is. By extension, CR7 is now the Real Madrid player who has scored the most goals overall.

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I thought I heard you question how many goals Real Madrid had scored so far this year. There have been 63 goals scored thus far in the current season (2018–19).

All Time Real Madrid Top Scorers

All Time Real Madrid Top Scorers
All Time Real Madrid Top Scorers
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