Apprenticeship Training at VETA Tanzania

Apprenticeship Training at VETA Tanzania, Tanzania has as one of its key objectives the attainment of middle income status by 2025. Because of this, having a competent labor force is important, and educating young skilled individuals for the demands of the labor market is the fundamental objective.

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In the implementation of “market-based vocational training,” VETA plays a prominent role. To execute the dual apprenticeship program in Tanzania, VETA and the Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Business are cooperating. Because they meet the demands of the economy, this system develops a trained labor force and gives young people easier access to the local labor market Apprenticeship Training at VETA Tanzania.

Apprenticeship Training at VETA Tanzania

How does it work?

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The dual system alternates between periods of on-the-job and off-the-job training. Apprentices get special-trained teachers’ instruction as they gain the fundamental, mostly practical skills during their training in VETA‘s workshops. All teachers are uniquely prepared for the dual system apprenticeship training, having a solid foundation of practical knowledge behind their academic understanding.

The apprentices learn about the actual working environment of an employee at their firm while undergoing on-the-job training there, and they are trained to the necessary competences of the business Apprenticeship Training at VETA Tanzania.

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Apprenticeship Training at VETA Tanzania
Apprenticeship Training at VETA Tanzania

As the national vocational training authority, VETA is at the center of the development of a skilled workforce. Its role as a partner in the apprenticeship training is to ensure that the institutional training will be comprehensive and in accordance with the demands of the companies. Its responsibilities include:

  • Providing qualified trainers.
  • Ensuring that the training workshops are equipped and maintained to facilitate quality practical training for the apprentices.
  • Ensuring that consumable training materials are available at all times.
  • Focusing on skills to work.
  • Teaching only trade relevant theory.
  • Providing tuition in English and basic computer skills relevant to the profession.
  • Ensuring that training opportunities are unbiased particularly concerning gender. So far the auto mechanic course has 2 female apprentices, electrical has 3 female apprentices and hospitality has 8 female apprentices.

Training in Apprenticeship Training at VETA Tanzania

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