Atlético Ottawa players and Fixtured

Atlético Ottawa players and Fixtured, Result

A professional soccer team from Canada named Atlético Ottawa release Atlético Ottawa players and Fixtured is situated in Ottawa, Ontario. The team plays its home games at TD Place and participates in the Canadian Premier League. In 2020, Atlético Madrid, a Spanish club, formed the squad.

Ottawa Fury FC played in American soccer competitions from 2014 to 2019, most notably the USL Championship.

Atlético Ottawa players and Fixtured

1GKSean Melvin Canada
2DFDrew Beckie Canada
3DFMacdonald Niba Cameroon
4DFDiego Espejo (on loan from Atlético Madrid B) Spain
6MFChris Mannella Canada
7MFKeven Alemán Canada
8MFBen McKendry Canada
9FWBrian Wright Canada
10MFOllie Bassett Northern Ireland
11FWVladimir Moragrega (on loan from Atlético San Luis) Mexico
13FWBallou Tabla Canada
15DFMaxim Tissot Canada
16DFZach Verhoven Canada
17DFMiguel Acosta Spain
19FWMalcolm Shaw Canada
20MFAbdoul Sissoko France
21DFJosé Cunha Portugal
22MFZakaria Bahous Canada
29GKNathan Ingham Canada
33DFIván Pérez Spain
45FWCarl Haworth Canada
46DFZachary Roy Canada

Atlético Ottawa Results and Fixtured

Premier League 2022
Round09/04/202220:00HCavalry FC1:0
Round16/04/202218:00HHFX Wanderers1:0
Round24/04/202220:00HValour FC1:6 (1:4)
Round30/04/202200:30AYork United2:2
Round07/05/202223:00HPacific FC0:1
Round14/05/202221:00AForge FC1:1
Round22/05/202221:00AFC Edmonton2:1
Round02/06/202201:00AValour FC1:0
Round05/06/202218:00HPacific FC2:1
Round15/06/202200:00HYork United0:0 (0:0)
Round19/06/202222:00AFC Edmonton0:1 (0:0)
Round30/06/202223:30AHFX Wanderers2:0 (0:0)
Round03/07/202221:00AForge FC1:0
Round10/07/202200:00HCavalry FC1:1
Round21/07/202200:00HValour FC1:1
Round24/07/202219:00AYork United3:0
Round01/08/202200:00HForge FC0:4
Round07/08/202220:00HFC Edmonton2:1
Round13/08/202222:00APacific FC0:1
Round18/08/202200:00HHFX Wanderers3:2
Round21/08/202222:30ACavalry FC3:0
Round27/08/202223:30HForge FC-:-
Round03/09/202200:00HFC Edmonton-:-
Round11/09/202221:00APacific FC-:-
Round18/09/202222:00AValour FC-:-
Round24/09/202222:30ACavalry FC-:-
Round01/10/202219:00AHFX Wanderers-:-
Round09/10/202221:00HYork United-:-

With the development of the local Canadian Premier League, The Fury disbanded following the 2019 season due to sanctioning concerns related to participating in the United States.

Atlético Ottawa players and Fixtured
Atlético Ottawa players and Fixtured

Atlético Ottawa players and Fixtured As a result of Atlético Ottawa players and Fixtured, Ottawa did not have a professional soccer team for the 2020 season.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Atlético Ottawa played the 2020 season and the first half of the 2021 season at neutral sites. On August 14, 2021, they made their home debut. The Ottawa Senators defeated the HFX Wanderers 2-1 in front of more than 12,000 people.

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