Balaka District Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List Pdf

Balaka district pslce results 2022 | malawi primary school leaving certificate results For balaka district, balaka district standard 8 maneb results 2022 Pass List Pdf Download. Malawi primary school leaving certificate Examination is a selection test which enables the government to select secondary school education entrants for its schools. Students who get selected and those who are not, receive certificates.

The objectives of PSLCE are to assess learner’s skills and knowledge gained in the different subjects at primary school level; to assess learners understanding of the basic skills and abilities in reading, writing and arithmetic and the extent that they can use such skills in solving pertinent problems in life; and identify learners with the capacity to continue with secondary education and other training institutions.

Balaka District Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List Pdf
Balaka District Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List Pdf

If you took Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education Examination at balaka district and now your currently looking for the Balaka District Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List Pdf then you have come to the right place.

Here we have shared the Balaka District Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List Pdf and also we’ll provide you with some information on how to stop worrying about results.

How To Check Balaka District Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List Pdf

To access the Balaka District Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List Pdf, candidates can visit the official websites of Malawi National Examinations Board . Follow the steps listed below to access and Download PDF with Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List.

  1. Open any internet browser from your phone, laptop, tablet, or tablet PC.
  2. In the web browser’s address box, type “”
  3. Just underneath the MANABE logo, select “Examination Results.”
  4. A new window will open, and you must click on “Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education.”
  5. There you will find a list of district names. Choose the district where you took the test.
  6. A file will open/download in which you may search your name/number to determine if you PASSED or FAILED.

If You If you took Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education Examination at balaka district, you can simply click on the link Provided Below to Access Balaka District Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List Pdf.

Check Here Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Balaka District Pass List
The results have not yet been published; please return to this article to check your results once they are released by the Malawi National Examinations Board. 

About Primary School Education in Malawi

Primary education has been free but optional since 1994. Most children begin official education in primary school when they are six years old, and the majority of them have not had any pre-school education. Primary school students range in age from 6 to 14 years old.

In Malawi Primary education lasts eight years (Standards 1–8) and falls under the category of basic education, which is intended to provide children with the fundamental information and abilities necessary to operate as competent and productive citizens in a free society when they grow up. The primary education cycle is divided into three stages:

  1. The infant level, which includes the first two years of formal schooling;
  2. Junior primary, which includes the following three to five years; and
  3. Senior primary, which includes standards 6 to 8.

Pupils who complete standard 8 take the Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination (PSLCE), which establishes their eligibility for secondary school admission. The Ministry of Education and the Malawi National Examinations Board jointly set, conduct, and grade the PSLCE examinations (MANEB). If students want to join a government secondary school, they must perform well in their Standard 8 Maneb exams and be picked.

How To Story Worrying About Exam Results

If you’re like most people, you probably worry about Standard 8 Maneb Results a lot. Whether it’s your job, your studies, your health, or your relationships, it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about the outcomes. Fortunately, there are things you can do to stop worrying about results so much.

By changing your mindset and your approach, you can learn to focus on the process instead of the outcome. This will help you to enjoy the journey more and to trust that the outcome will take care of itself. Follow the tips below to stop worrying about your Standard 8 Maneb results!

Understand that failing an exam does not mean your a failure. Remember that if you fail a test, you are not a failure; you are simply a nice person who failed an exam. When you fail an exam, you may have to retake it, but you’ll have plenty of time to study. This may cause a delay in your plans, but it is not the end of the world.

Failing a test may also need a change of course to go where you want to go, or it may open up a completely new path. There is always another method to accomplish your objectives.

Understand that you have Other Choices. It’s natural to be puzzled or unclear about what will happen next while you wait for your Leaving Cert results. Remember that no matter what your results are, you have many alternatives, like appealing your grade or participating in a PLC.

You can chat online with a Youth Information Officer if you want additional information on your Leaving Cert results or if you want to discuss about your alternatives.

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