Barcelona Most Expensive Signings

Barcelona Most Expensive Signings

Since 2009 Barcelona Most Expensive Signings, the Catalans have spent a staggering €861.42 million on the top 10 most expensive acquisitions.

As of January 2018, Philippe Coutinho is still Barcelona’s most expensive acquisition, having cost the Catalans €145 million to acquire him from Liverpool

The second-most costly acquisition for Barcelona is Ousmane Dembele. In 2017, the Frenchman made a €130 million transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Camp Nou.

With a €120 million transfer price, Antoine Griezmann’s departure from Atletico Madrid completes the top The top ten most costly signings for Barcelona, according to Transfermarkt:

Philippe Coutinho – €145m

Ousmane Dembele – €130m

Antoine Griezmann – €120m

Neymar – €88.2m

Frenkie de Jong – €86m

Luis Suarez – €81.72m

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – €69.5m

Miralem Pjanic – €60m

Malcom – €41m

David Villa – €40m

While Coutinho, Dembele, Griezmann, De Jong, and Pjanic are still at Camp Nou and still have some time left to earn their individual salaries, it is fair to conclude that the acquisitions of Neymar, Suarez, and Villa have so far been extremely successful.

For instance, all three of them contributed to Barca winning the Champions League while they were members of the team.

Barcelona Most Expensive Signings

Philippe Coutinho

He is a Barcelona Most Expensive Signings player who might not have satisfied the team, especially considering the high price at which he was acquired—a huge sum of money totaling 160 million euros. The price for Coutinho’s transfer to Barcelona in January 2018 was first estimated to be 108 million euros, but eventually increased to 142 million euros as a result of several stipulations negotiated. But during his medical exam a few days before he signed with Barcelona, he discovered that he had thigh injuries. He was prevented from playing for the Catalan club for three weeks as a result, which understandably annoyed Barca.

Ousmane Dembele

His 122 million euro transfer cost places him among the Barcelona Most Expensive Signings players. But did he justify the cash the Catalan club gave him?

Barcelona was quite wealthy at the start of 2017 because to the €222 million Neymar’s move to PSG brought them. With that sum, they made their first significant acquisition, signing French forward Ousmane Dembele from Borussia Dortmund for a hefty sum of €120 million.

The 20-year-old Frenchman at that time rose to become one of the most expensive players in the world. The verdict is yet out on whether his fee will turn out to be a waste or a take, but it was a significant risk given that he had just given them an amazing season in the Bundesliga.

Antoine Griezman

The Barcelona Most Expensive Signings that cost Atletico Madrid 120 million euros joined the team last summer. In his first season, he has tried to mislead, although to be fair to him, his club has also performed poorly.

Barcelona will be aiming to get the most out of their new number 7 given the change in management and playing style. Even at age 29, he may easily continue to command the front line for another three to four years.

Barcelona Most Expensive Signings
Barcelona Most Expensive Signings


The transfer of Brazilian superstar Neymar from Santos to Barcelona Most Expensive Signings in the late spring of 2013 was probably one of the most contentious transactions in the history of the sport; although the fee was initially estimated to be around €57 million, the striker actually ended up costing Barca more like €40 million due to a payment made to the player’s parents.

Despite the fact that the club was put in a difficult position by the whole ordeal and was accused of cost extortion, Neymar was a tremendous success on the field. The estimated total cost was thus 88.2 million.

Luis Suarez

When Luis Suarez moved to Barcelona in 2014 as Barcelona Most Expensive Signings, his price tag was 82.3 million euros, making him the most expensive footballer in the world.

Suárez agreed to a five-year deal with Barcelona on July 11 in return for an undisclosed exchange fee. However, as revealed by a dossier leaked by Football Leaks, the fee was £64.98 million (€82.3 million), making him one of the most expensive players in the annals of international football.

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