BBL 2022/2023 Schedules Big Bash League, Venues, Dates

BBL 2022/2023 Schedules Big Bash League, Venues, Dates, Big Bash League 2022-23 Draft, Big Bash Fixtures 2022 – BBL 2022/23 Schedule, Match Time Table, Venue.

We were asked about the KFC Big Bash League 2022-23 Schedule, Fixtures, Calendar, and Timetable, so we researched it and compiled a concise synopsis. BBL 12 Fixtures, Timetable, and Venues are available here. Get the most recent and up-to-date schedule and timetable for the KFC Big Bash League 2022.

BBL 2022/2023 Big Bash League, Venues, Dates (BBL) is a prominent cricket competition in Australia. This is where we’ll be focused on the schedule for the BBL 2022-2023 season, brought to you by Cricket Australia and KFC.

BBL 2022/2023 Schedules Big Bash League, Venues, Dates

DateTeamsTime (Local)Venue
13-Dec-22Sydney Thunder7:15 PMMelbourne StarsManuka Oval, Canberra
14-Dec-22Adelaide Strikers6:45 PMSydney SixersAdelaide Oval
15-Dec-22Brisbane Heat6:15 PMMelbourne RenegadesCazalys Stadium, Cairns
16-Dec-22Melbourne Stars5:05 PMHobart HurricanesMelbourne Cricket Ground
16-Dec-22Sydney Thunder8:15 PMAdelaide StrikersSydney Showground Stadium
17-Dec-22Perth Scorchers4:05 PMSydney SixersOptus Stadium, Perth
18-Dec-22Melbourne Renegades7:15 PMSydney ThunderDocklands Stadium, Melbourne
19-Dec-22Hobart Hurricanes7:15 PMPerth ScorchersAurora Stadium, Launceston
20-Dec-22Adelaide Strikers6:45 PMSydney ThunderAdelaide Oval
21-Dec-22Melbourne Renegades7:15 PMBrisbane HeatGMHBA Stadium, South Geelong, Victoria
22-Dec-22Sydney Sixers7:15 PMHobart HurricanesSydney Cricket Ground
23-Dec-22Melbourne Stars3:30 PMPerth ScorchersJunction Oval, Melbourne
23-Dec-22Brisbane Heat6:00 PMAdelaide StrikersBrisbane Cricket Ground (The Gabba)
24-Dec-22Hobart Hurricanes3:30 PMMelbourne RenegadesBellerive Oval, Hobart
26-Dec-22Sydney Sixers6:05 PMMelbourne StarsSydney Cricket Ground
26-Dec-22Perth Scorchers6:15 PMAdelaide StrikersOptus Stadium, Perth
27-Dec-22Sydney Thunder7:15 PMBrisbane HeatSydney Showground Stadium
28-Dec-22Sydney Sixers7:15 PMMelbourne RenegadesSydney Cricket Ground
29-Dec-22Brisbane Heat5:05 PMSydney ThunderCarrara Oval
29-Dec-22Perth Scorchers6:15 PMMelbourne StarsOptus Stadium, Perth
30-Dec-22Melbourne Renegades6:30 PM Sydney SixersGMHBA Stadium, South Geelong, Victoria
31-Dec-22Sydney Thunder3:30 PMHobart HurricanesLavington Sports Oval, Albury
31-Dec-22Adelaide Strikers6:30 PMMelbourne StarsAdelaide Oval
1-Jan-23Melbourne Renegades1:40 PMPerth ScorchersDocklands Stadium, Melbourne
1-Jan-23Brisbane Heat6:15 PMSydney SixersBrisbane Cricket Ground (The Gabba)
2-Jan-23Hobart Hurricanes7:15 PMAdelaide StrikersBellerive Oval, Hobart
3-Jan-23Melbourne Stars7:15 PMMelbourne RenegadesMelbourne Cricket Ground
4-Jan-23Sydney Sixers6:05 PMBrisbane HeatNorth Sydney Oval, Sydney
4-Jan-23Perth Scorchers6:15 PMSydney ThunderOptus Stadium, Perth
5-Jan-23Adelaide Strikers6:45 PMHobart HurricanesAdelaide Oval
6-Jan-23Melbourne Stars6:30 PMSydney SixersMelbourne Cricket Ground
7-Jan-23Melbourne Renegades6:05 PMHobart HurricanesDocklands Stadium, Melbourne
7-Jan-23Perth Scorchers6:15 PMBrisbane HeatOptus Stadium, Perth
8-Jan-23Sydney Thunder7:15 PMSydney SixersSydney Showground Stadium
9-Jan-23Hobart Hurricanes7:15 PMMelbourne StarsBellerive Oval, Hobart
10-Jan-23Adelaide Strikers7:10 PMMelbourne RenegadesAdelaide Oval
11-Jan-23Brisbane Heat6:40 PMPerth ScorchersBrisbane Cricket Ground (The Gabba)
12-Jan-23Melbourne Stars7:15 PMAdelaide StrikersMelbourne Cricket Ground
13-Jan-23Sydney Thunder6:30 PMPerth ScorchersSydney Showground Stadium
14-Jan-23Adelaide Strikers3:30 PMBrisbane HeatAdelaide Oval
14-Jan-23Melbourne Renegades7:30 PMMelbourne StarsDocklands Stadium, Melbourne
15-Jan-23Hobart Hurricanes1:40 PMSydney ThunderBellerive Oval, Hobart
15-Jan-23Sydney Sixers7:15 PMPerth ScorchersSydney Cricket Ground
16-Jan-23Melbourne Stars7:15 PMBrisbane HeatMelbourne Cricket Ground
17-Jan-23Sydney Sixers7:15 PMAdelaide StrikersInternational Sports Stadium, Coffs Harbour
18-Jan-23Perth Scorchers4:40 PMHobart HurricanesOptus Stadium, Perth
19-Jan-23Sydney Thunder7:15 PMMelbourne RenegadesManuka Oval, Canberra
20-Jan-23Adelaide Strikers4:00 PMPerth ScorchersAdelaide Oval
20-Jan-23Brisbane Heat7:00 PMHobart HurricanesBrisbane Cricket Ground (The Gabba)
21-Jan-23Sydney Sixers7:05 PMSydney ThunderSydney Cricket Ground
22-Jan-23Brisbane Heat12:40 PMMelbourne StarsBrisbane Cricket Ground (The Gabba)
22-Jan-23Perth Scorchers4:15 PMMelbourne RenegadesOptus Stadium, Perth
23-Jan-23Hobart Hurricanes7:15 PMSydney SixersBellerive Oval, Hobart
24-Jan-23Melbourne Renegades7:15 PMAdelaide StrikersDocklands Stadium, Melbourne
25-Jan-23Hobart Hurricanes1:40 PMBrisbane HeatAurora Stadium, Launceston
25-Jan-23Melbourne Stars7:15 PMSydney ThunderMelbourne Cricket Ground
27-Jan-23TBC7:15 PMTBCTBD
28-Jan-23TBC7:15 PMTBCTBD
29-Jan-23TBC7:15 PMTBCTBD
2-Feb-23TBC7:15 PMTBCTBD
4-Feb-23TBC7:15 PMTBC (Final)TBD

BBL schedule for 2022-23: The Big Bash League schedule has been released: Cricket Australia published the Big Bash League calendar for 2022-23 on Thursday. Former champions Sydney Thunders will face Melbourne Stars in the season opener on December 13 at Manuka Oval. For the BBL 2022-23 season, seventeen venues, including three new ones, will host 61 matches.

“The KFC BBL|12 season is shaping up to be everything we love about the Big Bash – brilliant players, packed stadiums of home fans, and the finest evenings of entertainment anywhere this summer,” said Alistair Dobson, general manager of the BBL.

BBL 2022/2023 Schedules Big Bash League, Venues, Dates
BBL 2022/2023 Schedules

“This calendar offers the foundation for it, with a mix of world-class stadiums and regional venues, chances for player engagement, and all of the key games that are on the schedule.”

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