Bei Ya King’amuzi Cha dstv 2022

Bei Ya King’amuzi Cha dstv 2022

Dstv Decoder Price in Tanzania | Bei Ya King’amuzi Cha Dstv 2022; Bei ya decoder ya dstv tanzania: Are you Wondering how much it will cost to get a DStv decoder with installation? If you are in Tanzania, here are Dstv Decoder Price in Tanzania with or without installation for your home or business.

DStv provides numerous decoder versions. These decoders are classified depending on the different features they include: picture quality, streaming, storage capacities, and other factors influence how much dstv decord will cost. Here we will assist you in deciding how to purchase the finest Dstv Decoder at an accessible price, as well as all Dstv Decoder Prices in Tanzania.(Bei Ya King’amuzi Cha Dstv 2022)

How much does Dstv Decoder cost In Tanzania? ( Bei Ya King’amuzi Cha dstv 2022 )

Dstv Tanzania provides many Dstv Decoders at varying prices based on the features incorporated with the decoder. There is a decoder for any price, so even if you are broke, you can still acquire a dstv decoder that will keep you occupied. The prices of Dstv decoders in Tanzania are listed below.

  1. HD Zapper Decoder

With a budget of 79,000 Tsh, you can get the finest offer from dstv Tanzania, which includes HD Zapper+ Dish Kit+1 Month Dstv Family Package subscription. The HD Zapper Decoder demonstrates that amazing fun can come in small packages.

This decoder allows you to catch all of the action in crystal clear HD picture quality, and it includes high definition user friendly menus and interactive apps.

Bei Ya King'amuzi Cha dstv 2022
Bei Ya King’amuzi Cha dstv 2022 Tanzania | HD Zapper Decoder

Features Of HD Zapper Decoder

  • XtraView
  • Crystal Clear HD
  • Set Reminders
  • Parental Controls
  • Interactive Guide
  • Great search options
  • HD Viewing
  1. DStv Explora Decoder

The Dstv Explora+Dishkit+SMART LNB is available for 299,000. If you want a DSTV Explorer decoder, you would have to pay 185,000 Tsh. The DStv Explora will revolutionize the way you watch television. You may record up to 110 hours of your favorite shows with Explora, pause live TV, access additional DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice material, and much more.

Watching in HD on Explora will push you to the edge of your seat and make you feel like you’re in the middle of the action.

Bei Ya King'amuzi Cha dstv Tanzania
Bei Ya King’amuzi Cha dstv 2022 | Dstv Explora Decoder

Features of Dstv Explorer

  • Parental Controls
  • Interactive Guide
  • Great search options
  • DStv Catchup
  • BoxOffice
  • HD Viewing
  • The Playlist
  • More recording time
  • XtraView
  • Crystal Clear HD
  • Buffer retained on channel change
  • View 1, Record 1
  • Series recording
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Widescreen capable
  • Hearing impaired subtitles (when available)
  • Content discovery (include multiple searches)
  • Ethernet connection

For more detailed Info visit the Dstv Tanzania website via >>

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