Bei Ya Unit Moja Ya Umeme 2022

Bei Ya Unit Moja Ya Umeme 2022, Bei ya Umeme Tanzania: Electricity is one of the most dependable sources of energy for a variety of activities all over the world. Although this energy has not been included in the important needs of people, electric energy has grown as one of the important needs for humans, owing to human reliance on it for a variety of activities such as treatment, production, trade, transportation, and many others.

Bei Ya Unit Moja Ya Umeme 2022 | Bei ya Umeme Tanzania

Electricity has been very influential in today’s world in many ways. For instance, our economy relies heavily on electricity. Take a look at almost any modern device and you’ll find some source of electric energy . If you factor in the cost of electricity and fuel, households are spending more than many appliances every month.

It is important to ensure that your monthly electricity costs are as low as possible so that you can maximize your savings on other household bills. Here we’ll take look on how much electricity is cost in Tanzania as at 2022

Kundi La MtejaAka ya Bei/ TozoMaidBei Za Sasa
DlTow ya kutoa HudumaTZS/Mwezi
Bei ya Nishati (0 – 75 kwh)TZS/kWh100
Bei ya Nishati (Zaidi ya 75 kWh)T25/kWh350
T1Tow ya kutoa Huduma17S/Mwezi5,520
Bei ya NishatiTZS/kWh298
Bei ya Mahitaji ya JuuTZS/kVA/Mwezi
VTozo ya kutoa HudumaTZS/Mwezi14,233
Bei ya NishatiT’S/kWh200
Bei ya Mahitaji ya JuuTZS/kVA/Mwezi15,004
T3 – MVTozo ya kutoa HudumaTZS/Mwezi16,769
Bei ya NishatiT2S/kWh159
Bei ya Mahitaji ya JuuTZS/kVA/Mwezi13,200
T3 – HVTozo ya kutoa HudumaTZS/Mwezi
Bei ya Nishati17S/kWh156
Bei ya Mahitaji ya JuuTZS/kVA/Mwezi16,550
Bei Ya Unit Moja Ya Umeme 2022
Bei Ya Unit Moja Ya Umeme 2022

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