Bei za Ving’amuzi Tanzania 2022

Bei za Ving’amuzi Tanzania 2022, Bei mpya za king’amuzi cha azam 2022, Star time Dstv, Bei mpya za vifurushi vya mwezi na orodha ya ving’amuzi 2022

Different digital satellite TV service providers in Tanzania give a variety of packages to its subscribers, providing them with various content and services. They are well-liked around the nation for their dependability and excellence. DStv, Azam Tv, StarTimes, and Zuku are a few of the greatest service providers in the nation. These are arguably some of the biggest businesses that provide their customers with a range of channels.

You must buy their decoder kit and then subscribe to their package in order to use the services provided by these satellite TV companies. Having access to all of your preferred TV channels, including news and sports stations, is the major benefit of utilizing a decoder.

Bei za Ving’amuzi Tanzania 2022

As long as your membership is still in effect, you can view them whenever you like. Everything you need to know about the Startimes decoder pricing in Tanzania is included in this post.

  • Azam >> 240,000TSH. ofa miezi mitatu ya kifurushi cha juu kabisa.
  • DSTV >> 59,000TSH. Ofa mwezi mmoja wa kifurushi cha chini.
  • STARTIMES >> 135,000TSH. Ofa ni mwezi mmoja bure wa kifurushi cha bure.


A normal installation costs Tshs. 20,000, while the whole equipment costs Tshs. 110,000. It reads, “Bei za Ving’amuzi Tanzania 2022 Cha Azam ni Tsh 110,000 na Tsh 20,000 kama gharama ya matengenezo ya kukifunga king’amuzi.”

The Azam TV dealers listed above are located all around Tanzania, and you may purchase a complete kit from them and have it installed.

Bei za Ving'amuzi Tanzania 2022
Bei za Ving’amuzi Tanzania 2022


Tanzanians love the cable television station DStv. It has made investments in the purchase of high-quality content rights and provides a selection of bundles to suit different price ranges. Additionally, DStv provides foreign programming including films and TV shows. On DStv Tanzania, you have alternatives for watching local channels or international TV series.

DSTV Premium150+TZsh 145,000
DSTV Compact Plus140+TZsh 93,000
DSTV Compact130+TZsh 51,000
DSTV Family100+TZsh 31,000
DSTV Access80+TZsh 21,000
DSTV  POA40+TZsh 9,900
Bei za Ving'amuzi Tanzania 2022
Bei za Ving’amuzi Tanzania 2022


Bei za Ving’amuzi Tanzania 2022 One of the greatest deals available is the Startimes decoder Combo Package. This package comes with everything you need to get set up and start watching Startimes channels for just 58,000 Tsh.

Bei za Ving'amuzi Tanzania 2022
Bei za Ving’amuzi Tanzania 2022

Startimes decoder Combo Package Features Includes

  • Support both Terrestrial TV (DTT) Service and satellite TV (DTH) Service of StarTimes.
  • Fully DVB-T2,DVB-T,DVB-S2 and DVB-S Compliant
  • Support hardware Decoding of HEVC at 1080p60,FULL HD Digital Picture Quality
  • USB + HDMI Port, 2 in 1 (Dish + Antenna)
  • Simple remote control
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Integrated Electronic Programme Guide
  • Automatic Software Upgrade (49000/Tsh)

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