Best Goalkeeper In Football 2022

Best Goalkeeper In Football 2022

Perhaps the toughest position in sports is goalkeeping this are Best Goalkeeper In Football 2022. A goalie must always be on the lookout for quick counterattacks and forceful long balls.

In recent years, the job has become considerably more challenging because most organizations now demand that the guards not only be excellent shot-plugs but also excellent merchants. The first names on the list of the best players in the world are likely to be forwards or midfielders most of the time.

There is only one winner, Lev Yashin, according to the list of Ballon D’or winners. No matter how well the team does, the defense is still underestimated. We shall examine the top Best Goalkeeper In Football 2022 right now in this post.

Best Goalkeeper In Football 2022

Thibaut Courtois

The Best Goalkeeper In Football 2022 right now is Thibaut Courtois. Thibaut Courtois guided the Real Madrid club throughout the season, helping them win the La Liga championship and the coveted UEFA Champions League.

He created history by making the maximum number of saves in a Champions League final with nine. Courtois was unbeatable in the Champions League, making 56 saves in 13 games. As Real Madrid won their 35th La Liga championship, he also made 88 saves and maintained 16 clean sheets.


Ederson is among Best Goalkeeper In Football 2022, a champion of the Premier League, tied his own league-high mark of 20 clean sheets with the Manchester City team that won the championship.

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He and Alisson earned the third consecutive “Golden Glove” award for a combined 60 saves during the 2021–22 Premier League season. He had good possession flow, was captivating with his long-ball delivery, and shown amazing calmness under pressure. He rushed off his lines several times and had 17 high cases.

Alisson Becker

Alisson Becker is the Best Goalkeeper In Football 2022, a Champions League finalist with Liverpool this season, had a great but unlucky season with Liverpool F.C. in 2021–22. In both the Premier League and the Champions League, his club finished in second place.

In terms of performance, Alisson had a great season. He won the “Golden Glove” award for his outstanding defensive play during the season, earning 20 clean sheets in the Premier League. He also showed off his superb passing abilities. In the UCL, he also preserved four spotless sheets.

Mike Maignan

The French international served as the Rossoneri’s linchpin in their first Serie A championship victory in 11 years is Best Goalkeeper In Football 2022. In the 2021–22 Serie A season, he recorded 17 clean sheets and goalkeeper 81.2 percent save percentage. As AC Milan finally won a championship, Maignan also wowed with his impeccable spatial awareness, dexterous agility, and ability to sprint off his line quickly when the situation called for it.

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Kevin Trapp

Kevin Trapp made an astonishing 112 saves in 32 Bundesliga games, preserving five clean sheets, as a member of the Europa League-winning Eintracht Frankfurt team, which also placed 11th in the league standings. His 72.9 save percentage made him genuinely exceptional in the category.

He was the team’s most dependable player, making critical stops both during the actual game and in the ensuing penalty shootout in the Europa League final versus Rangers.

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