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Betika Login Home is a sports betting platform with operations in Nairobi, Kenya. The platform is licensed and regulated by the BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board)

As a registered customer, you can bet on various sports, either before the match or during the match, by accepting the published betting offer. Each placed bet is an agreement between the customer and Betika, paying the customer following the bet offer in the case of a win, and Betika at the customer’s bet rate in the case of a loss

You cannot bet more than the amount available in your gaming account. Predictions will be taken on normal time results unless otherwise specified in the description of the prediction type.

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Betika Login Home

Game time/regular time: This is the period, including injury time, during which the game is played and is defined as normal playing time in the laws of the game. This time does not include overtime.

Retired match: When a match is not completed by the result of one player it is considered a “retired” match. For example, when one of the players in a tennis match withdraws or fails. Single bet: a single bet is a bet placed on one selection or one market. When placing a single bet, your win will not depend on the outcome of several matches Betika Login Home.



Betika Login Home

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