Cádiz CF Players Salaries 2022

Cádiz CF Players Salaries 2022

What will the Cádiz CF Players Salaries 2022? What are the wages of the Cádiz CF players? What are the player wages for Cádiz CF? Have you ever wondered how much the Cádiz CF players make each week? If so, don’t worry; we have compiled a list of the Cádiz CF players’ salary for the years 2021/22.

Mágico González, a legend in El Salvador and one of the club’s most notable characters, was a player for them in the 1980s and 1990s. The majority of their history was spent playing football in Spain’s lower divisions, but in 1977 they became the first team to be promoted to La Liga. After 14 years, they received a promotion back to the Primera Division in 2020.

Spain’s Andalusia region is home to the Cádiz Club de Futbol. They were established in 1910, and their home stadium, Estadio Ramón de Carranza, can hold 20,724 spectators.

Highest Cádiz CF Players Salaries 2022 (weekly salary)

Who receives the biggest salary from Cádiz CF? Pay of Cádiz CF players? Pay in La Liga? How much do football players in Spain’s Primera Division make? Who makes the most money at Cádiz CF? Who are the Cádiz CF players with the highest salaries?

Cádiz CF Players Salaries 2022
Cádiz CF Players Salaries 2022


Although Cadiz CF withholds information about salaries, it is believed that players like Iván Alejo and Cala make the most money at Cadiz CF based on transfer market value, which is noted in the table below. The potential salaries for Cádiz CF players for 2021–2022.

Like the majority of other football teams, Cadiz CF does not disclose its pay budget. However, a lot of media frequently provide correct salary bill information. However, very little is known regarding player salaries for La Liga teams.

With the exception of the English Premier League, Spanish football has the second-highest average pay in the sport. La Liga players typically get roughly €36,300 per week in salary (wages).

So, the 2022 Cádiz CF Player Salaries and Contract Information are included below.

Cádiz CF Players Salaries 2022

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryNationality
Iván Alejo£16,000£832,000Spain
José Manuel Jurado£10,000£520,000Spain
Filip Malbasic£8,300£431,600Serbia
Anthony Lozano£7,500£390,000Honduras
Jon Ander Garrido£7,100£369,200Spain
José Mari£7,100£369,200Spain
Salvi Sánchez£6,600£343,200Spain
Alberto Cifuentes£5,500£286,000Spain
Alberto Perea£5,500£286,000Spain
Alfonso Espino£5,500£286,000Uruguay
Carlos Akapo£5,400£280,800Eq. Guinea
Marcos Mauro£4,900£254,800Argentina
Edu Ramos£4,300£223,600Spain
Yann Bodiger£3,300£171,600France
Jean-Pierre Rhyner£3,100£161,200Switzerland
Jorge Pombo£3,100£161,200Spain
Luismi Quezada£3,000£156,000Dominican Republic
David Gil£2,400£124,800Spain
Hicham Khaloua£2,200£114,400Morocco
Álvaro Giménez£100£5,200Spain
Álex Macías£60£3,120Spain
Buba Barry£60£3,120Guinea
Ibrahima Bayo£60£3,120Spain
Paco Benítez£60£3,120Spain
Rubén Rodríguez£60£3,120Spain
Ussama Ahmed£60£3,120Morocco
Valdrin Dalipi£60£3,120Switzerland

Cádiz CF Players Salaries 2022

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