Cameroon PWD de Bamenda Results, Fixtures, Squad

Cameroon PWD de Bamenda Results, Fixtures, Squad 2022/23, Fixtures & Results, including Elite One and CAF Champions League, PWD Bamenda league table

Football or soccer, sometimes referred to as association football, is a team sport in which two teams of 11 players compete against one another on a rectangular area known as a pitch. The purpose of the game is to advance the ball over the goal line into the rectangular, framed goal on the other team in order to score more goals than the adversary.

Two 45-minute halves make up the game’s customary format, making the entire contest last 90 minutes. It is regarded as the most widely played sport in the world, with an estimated 250 million players participating in more than 200 nations.

One of the oldest clubs in Cameroon, this group goes by several names, including P-ton Ton and Abakwa Boys. They represent the North West Region of Cameroon with their opponents YOSA.

The Bamenda Municipal Stadium, which holds 2,500 people and has been undergoing renovations since 2013, serves as the team’s official home field. Due to these projects, PWD plays its home matches at the YONG Sports Complex at Mile 5 Nkwen-Bamenda and on the campus of the University of Bamenda.

Cameroon PWD de Bamenda Results, Fixtures, Squad

5/6/2022ELOPWD3 - 4UMS de Loum
8/6/2022ELORenaissance0 - 1PWD
11/6/2022ELOPWD1 - 0Cotonsport
14/06/22ELODragon de Yaoundé0 - 4PWD
10/9/2022CCCPWD1 - 1Elgeco Plus
18/09/22CCCElgeco Plus16:00PWD

PWD Bamenda is a Cameroonian football team that is headquartered in the Northwest Region’s City of Bamenda. They presently play in the Elite One, Cameroon’s top football division.

They also went on to win the Cameroon cup after defeating Astres of Douala (1-0) through a free kick converted by Chem, thereby setting them up for the CAF confederations Cup preliminary rounds.

Cameroon PWD de Bamenda Results, Fixtures, Squad
Cameroon PWD de Bamenda

They failed to make the playoffs of the league COVID-19 pandemic. PWD Bamenda won their first domestic and first Elite One title in 2020 after they were crowned champions since the season couldn’t be completed due to the effects of the.

The Championnat du Cameroun de football is the top division of association football in Cameroon, governed by the Cameroonian Football Federation since its establishment in 1961.

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