CIVO United Players Salaries 2022/2023

CIVO United Players Salaries 2022/2023 Civil Service United Hear from a CIVO United insider player salaries in 2022-23. Player salaries are very different to what they were 20 years ago.

CIVO United Players Salaries 2022/2023 Players now have agents and their wages can vary greatly depending on who they play for and where they play.

This can make it difficult to compare players’ salaries. For example, if you look at the average salary of a footballer in the Malawi Premier League today you might think it is around £50k per month. The reality is that this figure includes many players who are not full internationals and are only earning £25k per month.

At last we have revealed the salaries of CIVO United players. We’re using table to represent information and make it easy for you to view. But from now on, every player’s salary will be published on our site with a high level of secrecy which will prevent their salaries from being leaked online.

Player Dan Kumwenda is the highest paid player in CIVO United with a salary of €100,000 per month. Christopher Kumwembe and Charles Swini earn €80,000 and €60,000 respectively.

CIVO United is a professional football club based in Lilongwe, Malawi. It was founded in 1985 and has been playing in the Malawi Super League since then. The club plays its home games at the Civo Stadium Lilongwe. CIVO United Players Salaries 2022/2023 It is owned by Civil Services Malawi.

CIVO United Players Salaries 2022/2023

No.Pos.NationPlayerPlayer Salary
GKMalawiTione Tembo€20k
GKMalawiCharles Swini€ 60,000
GKMalawiLumbani Chitete€20k
DFMalawiNickson John Mwase€65k
DFMalawiWillard Dickson€50k
DFMalawiLawrence Chaziya€34k
DFMalawiAndrew Banda€60k
DFMalawiMathews Zaulombo€50k
DFMalawiTimothy Silwimba
DFMalawiJohn Dambuleni
DFMalawiChikondi Maloya€20k
MFMalawiBlessings Tembo
MFMalawiDan Kumwenda€ 100,000
MFMalawiIsaac Msiska
MFMalawiIbrahim Sadiki€20k
MFMalawiHenry Msowoya€65k
MFMalawiAnzeru Josephy€50k
MFMalawiCharles White€34k
MFMalawiFoliasi Levison€60k
MFMalawiWellington Bizale€50k
MFMalawiKelvin Thotho
MFMalawiInnocent Tanganyika€20k
FWMalawiRaphael Phiri€65k
FWMalawiMuhammad Sulumba€50k
FWMalawiRanken Mwale
FWMalawiChristopher Kumwembe€ 80,000
FWMalawiFletcher Bandawe€20k
FWMalawiBinwell Katinji€65k
FWMalawiLucky Mdezo€50k
CIVO United Players Salaries 2022/2023
CIVO United Players Salaries 2022/2023

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