Code za Mitandao ya Simu Tanzania

Code za Mitandao ya Simu Tanzania, 0621, 0622, 0673, 0735, 0652, 0679, 0759 ni mtandao gani, code namba za tigo, vodacom, Jinsi ya kutambua namba ya simu ni ya mtandao upi.

Mobile phones utilize the USSD Code communication protocol to connect to the computers of mobile network providers. For WAP, premium services, money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and Internet phone registration, USSD can be utilized in a browser.

Code za Mitandao ya Simu Tanzania We have been utilizing these USSD Codes regularly on a variety of mobile networks, including Tigo, Vodacom, Airtel, and Halotel. We have compiled a set of USSD codes today that will help you learn more techniques. They are:

Code za Mitandao ya Simu Tanzania

Filling out the following digits (*#0*#) will bring up a menu where you can select whatever feature of your smartphone you wish to test. This will test the phone’s condition.

Checking your smart phone’s IMEI number: To check your smart phone’s IMEI number, dial the following numbers on your smart phone: (*#06#). You can store your IMEI number for subsequent use after you have seen it.

Checking whether your phone is being tapped: If you have any concerns that your phone is being tapped or that someone else is reading your messages, call these numbers (*#67#). You will be able to determine whether your talks are being heard or your mails are being read using this technique. Additionally, you may utilize the numbers (*#61#) to find out which phone number is listening to or reading your messages.

Code za Mitandao ya Simu Tanzania The following digits (#31#) can be used to prevent someone from identifying you using Caller ID systems. Protecting your privacy is important, and because so many people use them nowadays, you can use them to hide your existence on such programs. Visit this website for a list of more USSD codes.

Code za Mitandao ya Simu Tanzania
Code za Mitandao ya Simu Tanzania

Code za Mitandao ya Simu Tanzania

0621 to 0629 Halotel

0641 to 0665 Tigo

0670 to 0699 Airtel

0710 to 0720 Tigo

0741 to 0759 Vodacom

0770 to 0799 Aitel

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