Deportivo Alavés Salaries 2022

Deportivo Alavés Salaries 2022

What will Deportivo Alavés Salaries 2022? What will Deportivo Alavés’ salaries be in 2022? What are the player wages at Deportivo Alavés? Have you ever wondered how much Deportivo Alavés players make each week? Check out the 2022 Deportivo Alavés Salaries. If so, don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of Deportivo Alavés salaries for 2022. (Weekly Wages).

The Basque Country’s autonomous town of Vitoria-Gasteiz is home to the Spanish football team Alaves.

Sport Friends Club was established on January 23rd, 1921, and has competed in La Liga since the 2016–17 season. They were named the third-best side in the Basque Country, after Real Sociedad de Futbol of San Sebastian and Athletic Club of Bilbao.

The team’s home uniform consists of a white shirt with blue stripes, blue shorts, and white socks. They play their home games in the Mendizorrotza Stadium, which has 19,800 seats. Deportivo Alaves is known as “El Glorioso” and “Babazorros” (The glorious one).

Salaries at Deportivo Alavés for 2021–202 (Weekly Wage)
Who receives the most money from Deportivo Alavés? Player Salaries at Deportivo Alavés? Pay in La Liga? How much do football players in Spain’s Primera Division make? Who is Deportivo Alavés’ highest earner? Who are the Deportivo Alavés players making the most money?

Although Alaves withholds information on their salaries, it is likely that players like Jonathan Calleri and Fernando Pacheco receive the highest salaries at Deportivo Alavés based on transfer market value, as shown in the chart below. We therefore examine the potential Deportivo Alavés Salaries 2022

Like the majority of other football teams, Alavés does not disclose its pay budget. However, a lot of journalists frequently provide correct information about salary bills. However, very little is known regarding player salaries for La Liga teams.

Deportivo Alavés Salaries 2022
Deportivo Alavés Salaries 2022

With the exception of the English Premier League, Spanish football has the second-highest average pay in the sport. Around €36,300 is what a La Liga player typically makes every week (wages). While the average player pay at Deportivo Alavés is €977,000 per year (or around €20,300 per week), it ranks tenth highest in La Liga.

Deportivo Alaves has competed in seven Santander La Liga games this season, winning two, drawing two, and losing three. They have only managed to score four goals in seven games, and they need need forwards who can support them up front. They have only let up seven goals in seven games, which is not terrible, but their goal differential of minus three places them in the fourteenth spot in the standings.

Here are the player wages and contract information for Deportivo Alavés for the 2021/22 season.

Deportivo Alavés Salaries 2022

Martin Aguirregabiria23£3,000
Carlos Vigaray25£14,000
Manu García33£3,000
Daniel Torres29£3,000
Darko Brasanac27£3,000
Tomás Pina31£3,000
Mubarak Wakaso29£20,000
Pere Pons26£25,000
Ibai Gómez29£6,000
Patrick Twumas25£5,000
Jonathan Calleri25£10,000
John Guidetti27£6,000
Rubén Sobrino27£20,000
Aleix Vidal30£10,000
Borja Bastón27£5,000
Fernando Pacheco27£50,000
Antonio Sivera23£18,000
Rodrigo Ely25£10,000
Ximo Navarro29£4,000
Víctor Laguardia29£5,000
Guillermo Maripán25£20,000
Adrián Diéguez23£8,000
Rubén Duarte23£4,000
Adrián Marín22£18,000

Deportivo Alavés Salaries 2022

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