EURO 2020 Sponsors List

EURO 2020 Sponsors List

The EURO 2020 Sponsors List scheduled date and timing for EURO 2020 was altered due to a pandemic known as “Covid 19,” which affected every country and affected football in particular. The main sponsors of EURO 2020 significantly aided the game’s financial aspects.

However, everything became trapped, a simple spectator, and a victim during this horrible time in human history.

Certain sponsors made things a little bit simpler for them on the financial side of the sports for EURO 2020, which was contested in 2021. Below is a list of some of the EURO 2020 Main Sponsors.

EURO 2020 Sponsors List


The largest soft drink is EURO 2020 Sponsors List manufacturer started sponsoring the competition in 2019. And as a result, it was named the official sponsor of non-alcoholic beverages during EURO 2020. The partnership between Coca-Cola and UEFA has been successful for 32 years and counting.

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Tik Tok

As the first digital platform to join the EURO 2020 competition, Tik Tok has provided a number of services through this partnership, including AR effects, hashtag challenges, Tik Tok live noises, and some other exclusive user-based activities, making it a lucrative relationship from the start.


Because of its numerous partnerships with prominent figures in football, the storied Dutch alcohol company Heineken is a household name for every football aficionado. like they were connected to the Uefa Champions League, the most esteemed club tournament.

EURO 2020 Sponsors List
EURO 2020 Sponsors List


Heineken is now the official beer partner of EURO 2020, and as part of the agreement, it will have exclusive pouring privileges in the stadiums and fan zones as well as control of the tournament’s man of the match award.

Qatar Airways

Euro 2020’s official airline is now Qatar Airways is a EURO 2020 Sponsors List. The state-owned flag carrier has added another another well-known brand to its roster, which also includes AS ROMA, FIFA, and PSG.

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In the minds, emotions, and souls of football fans, Qatar Airways has also come to have a mythical reputation.


The manufacturer of smartphones with Chinese roots was chosen as EURO 2020’s official smartphone supplier. Indians are at the very top of Vivo’s target demographic is among of EURO 2020 Sponsors List, which is mostly made up of people of Asian descent.

This aspect also had a role in UEFA’s decision to select Vivo as a sponsor of its premier football event, EURO 2020. Additionally, Vivo will be an authorized smartphone supplier for the next edition in 2024.

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