Europa League Fixtures 2022 Group Stage

Europa League Fixtures 2022 Group Stage, Arsenal Europa league fixtures, Europa League 2022/23: Fixtures, Draw, Schedule, Teams, Fixtures & results | UEFA Europa League 2022/23.

Europa League Fixtures 2022 Group Stage

Group A
08/09/202217:45FC ZürichArsenal FC-:-
17:45PSV EindhovenFK Bodø/Glimt-:-
15/09/202220:00Arsenal FCPSV Eindhoven-:-
20:00FK Bodø/GlimtFC Zürich-:-
06/10/202217:45FC ZürichPSV Eindhoven-:-
20:00Arsenal FCFK Bodø/Glimt-:-
13/10/202217:45FK Bodø/GlimtArsenal FC-:-
20:00PSV EindhovenFC Zürich-:-
27/10/202217:45PSV EindhovenArsenal FC-:-
17:45FC ZürichFK Bodø/Glimt-:-
03/11/202220:00Arsenal FCFC Zürich-:-
20:00FK Bodø/GlimtPSV Eindhoven-:-
Group B
08/09/202217:45FenerbahçeDinamo Kiev-:-
17:45AEK LarnacaStade Rennes-:-
15/09/202220:00Dinamo KievAEK Larnaca-:-
20:00Stade RennesFenerbahçe-:-
06/10/202220:00Stade RennesDinamo Kiev-:-
20:00FenerbahçeAEK Larnaca-:-
13/10/202217:45Dinamo KievStade Rennes-:-
17:45AEK LarnacaFenerbahçe-:-
27/10/202217:45AEK LarnacaDinamo Kiev-:-
17:45FenerbahçeStade Rennes-:-
03/11/202220:00Dinamo KievFenerbahçe-:-
20:00Stade RennesAEK Larnaca-:-
Group C
08/09/202217:45PFC Ludogorets RazgradAS Roma-:-
17:45HJK HelsinkiReal Betis-:-
15/09/202220:00AS RomaHJK Helsinki-:-
20:00Real BetisPFC Ludogorets Razgrad-:-
06/10/202217:45HJK HelsinkiPFC Ludogorets Razgrad-:-
20:00AS RomaReal Betis-:-
13/10/202217:45Real BetisAS Roma-:-
20:00PFC Ludogorets RazgradHJK Helsinki-:-
27/10/202217:45PFC Ludogorets RazgradReal Betis-:-
20:00HJK HelsinkiAS Roma-:-
03/11/202220:00AS RomaPFC Ludogorets Razgrad-:-
20:00Real BetisHJK Helsinki-:-
Group D
08/09/202217:45Malmö FFSporting Braga-:-
17:451. FC Union BerlinUnion St. Gilloise-:-
15/09/202220:00Sporting Braga1. FC Union Berlin-:-
20:00Union St. GilloiseMalmö FF-:-
06/10/202217:45Malmö FF1. FC Union Berlin-:-
20:00Sporting BragaUnion St. Gilloise-:-
13/10/202217:45Union St. GilloiseSporting Braga-:-
20:001. FC Union BerlinMalmö FF-:-
27/10/202217:451. FC Union BerlinSporting Braga-:-
17:45Malmö FFUnion St. Gilloise-:-
03/11/202220:00Sporting BragaMalmö FF-:-
20:00Union St. Gilloise1. FC Union Berlin-:-
Group E
08/09/202220:00Manchester UnitedReal Sociedad-:-
20:00Omonia NikosiaFC Sheriff-:-
15/09/202217:45Real SociedadOmonia Nikosia-:-
17:45FC SheriffManchester United-:-
06/10/202217:45FC SheriffReal Sociedad-:-
17:45Omonia NikosiaManchester United-:-
13/10/202220:00Manchester UnitedOmonia Nikosia-:-
20:00Real SociedadFC Sheriff-:-
27/10/202220:00Manchester UnitedFC Sheriff-:-
20:00Omonia NikosiaReal Sociedad-:-
03/11/202217:45FC SheriffOmonia Nikosia-:-
17:45Real SociedadManchester United-:-
Group F
08/09/202220:00Lazio RomaFeyenoord-:-
20:00Sturm GrazFC Midtjylland-:-
15/09/202217:45FC MidtjyllandLazio Roma-:-
17:45FeyenoordSturm Graz-:-
06/10/202217:45Sturm GrazLazio Roma-:-
20:00FC MidtjyllandFeyenoord-:-
13/10/202217:45FeyenoordFC Midtjylland-:-
20:00Lazio RomaSturm Graz-:-
27/10/202217:45Lazio RomaFC Midtjylland-:-
20:00Sturm GrazFeyenoord-:-
03/11/202217:45FeyenoordLazio Roma-:-
17:45FC MidtjyllandSturm Graz-:-
Group G
08/09/202220:00FC NantesOlympiakos Piraeus-:-
20:00SC FreiburgQarabağ FK-:-
15/09/202217:45Olympiakos PiraeusSC Freiburg-:-
17:45Qarabağ FKFC Nantes-:-
06/10/202220:00Olympiakos PiraeusQarabağ FK-:-
20:00SC FreiburgFC Nantes-:-
13/10/202217:45Qarabağ FKOlympiakos Piraeus-:-
17:45FC NantesSC Freiburg-:-
27/10/202220:00SC FreiburgOlympiakos Piraeus-:-
20:00FC NantesQarabağ FK-:-
03/11/202217:45Olympiakos PiraeusFC Nantes-:-
17:45Qarabağ FKSC Freiburg-:-
Group H
08/09/202220:00Crvena ZvezdaAS Monaco-:-
20:00Ferencvárosi TCTrabzonspor-:-
15/09/202217:45TrabzonsporCrvena Zvezda-:-
17:45AS MonacoFerencvárosi TC-:-
06/10/202217:45Crvena ZvezdaFerencvárosi TC-:-
17:45AS MonacoTrabzonspor-:-
13/10/202220:00Ferencvárosi TCCrvena Zvezda-:-
20:00TrabzonsporAS Monaco-:-
27/10/202220:00Crvena ZvezdaTrabzonspor-:-
20:00Ferencvárosi TCAS Monaco-:-
03/11/202217:45AS MonacoCrvena Zvezda-:-
17:45TrabzonsporFerencvárosi TC-:-


 Europa League Fixtures 2022 Group Stage
Europa League Fixtures 2022 Group Stage

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