Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa 2022

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Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa ya watu na makazi 2022: The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has planned to conduct a Population and Housing Census by August 2022. The Ministry of Finance and Planning through the National Statistics Office (NBS) in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Statistician of the Government Zanzibar (OCGS), is in the process of preparation to do the Census.

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The Population and Housing Census is a national exercise that takes place every 10 years where the last Census to be held in the country was that of 2012. So the 2022 Census will be the Sixth census to be held in the country after the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. Census others were held in 1967, 1978, 1988, 2002 and 2012 Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa 2022.

Population and housing census is a procedure for collecting, analyzing, evaluating and publishing and distributing demographic, economic and social data related to all people and their housing in the country for a specific period. In another sense, the census is a special exercise aimed at obtaining the population of all people in the country, by age and gender, where they live and their educational status, employment status, generational status and deaths and housing status.

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Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa 2022

These basic data are the ones that can align the real needs of the people, including special groups with special needs, for example, people with disabilities, women, children, young people and the elderly, thus simplifying the preparation of policies and development plans according to the needs and the existing environment Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa 2022.

The importance of the Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa 2022

The unique importance of Population and Housing Census 2022 includes:-

  • Assisting the Government to obtain basic information that will support the implementation process of the 2025 Development Vision, the reform of health and social issues, as well as the monitoring of international development agendas;
  • Population information helps the district authorities in the implementation of development plans that reflect the wishes of the people at the relevant level and help in the balance of the distribution of resources;
  • Basic information on the demographic, social and economic situation of the population and housing plans at all levels;
  • Quotient in calculating other indicators such as GDP per capita, GDP, Employment and unemployment and the level of student enrollment;
  • Information that will enable the government to know the increase in population, by distribution and other indicators, which are important for environmental management; and
  • The foundation of good governance and the consolidation of democracy. Accurate Census data is needed for the distribution of constituencies for elections effectively, to adjust administrative boundaries in local governments.

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Census Questionnaires

The 2022 census, like previous censuses, will use two main types of questionnaires. The long questionnaire will be used to interview 30 percent of all census locations and the short questionnaire will be used to interview 70 percent of all census locations in Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa 2022.

Other Questionnaires are:-

  • Institutional Questionnaire which is specifically for travelers, those staying in hotels/guest houses, and those admitted to hospitals; and
  • A special Homeless Questionnaire that is specific to all people who sleep in informal places, on the councils of various buildings, on bridges and other places.

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Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa 2022
Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa 2022

Maswali Yatakayoulizwa katika Sensa ya mwaka 2022/Fahamu Kuhusu Sensa 2022

The Population and Housing Census of 2022 has fourteen modules that will be used to collect information on people and their housing throughout the country.

Maswali yatakayoulizwa yatahusu:-

  1. Taarifa za kidemografia (umri, jinsi, uhusiano, hali ya ndoa, uraia, n.k.);
  2. Maswali yanayohusu ulemavu;
  3. Taarifa za Elimu;
  4. Maswali ya uhamaji, pamoja na taarifa za Watanzania wanaoishi nje ya nchi
  5. Maswali kuhusu umiliki wa nyaraka za kitaifa (vitambulisho vya NIDA, Mzanzibari mkazi, cheti cha kuzaliwa, hati ya kusafiria, na leseni ya udereva)
  6. Shughuli za kiuchumi
  7. Umiliki wa ardhi na taarifa za TEHAMA
  8. Taarifa za Uzazi na Vifo vilivyotokea ndani ya kaya
  9. Vifo vitokanavyo na uzazi
  10. Hali ya nyumba za kuishi na umiliki wa rasilimali mbalimbali
  11. Maswali ya kilimo na mifugo
  12. Mifuko ya hifadhi ya jamii.

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