FC Porto Players Salaries 2022

FC Porto Players Salaries 2022

FC Porto Players Salaries 2022 Who receives the biggest salaries at Porto? How much money do FC Porto athletes make? Have you ever wondered what the player salaries at FC Porto are? If so, don’t worry; we have compiled a list with the whole list of FC Porto Players Salaries 2022.

A football team from Portugal named FC Porto is headquartered in Porto. The premier division of Portuguese football, the Primeira Liga, is where they compete. Porto was established in 1893.

Along with Benfica and Sporting CP, two other Lisbon-based rivals, Porto is one of the “Big Three” Portuguese teams that has participated in every season of the Primeira Liga since its founding in 1934.

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With a total of 76 major titles, they are Portugal’s second-most successful squad. These include a record 21 Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, 16 Taça de Portugal, 4 Campeonato de Portugal, and 28 Primeira Liga championships.

In 1987 and 2004, FC Porto captured two Champions League championships.

Information on FC Porto
In the 2010–11 and 2012–13 seasons, Porto is the first team in Portuguese history to have won two championships without suffering a loss.

Because of their blue and white shirts, Porto is known as “Drages” (Dragons) and “Azuis e brancos” (Blue-and-Whites).

Portistas are the term for the club’s supporters.

The Estádio do Drago has served as Porto’s home field since 2003. It can accommodate 50,033 spectators.

Fans and rivals of FC Porto
The ‘Big Three’ teams Benfica and Sporting CP are the main rivals of Porto. These result from the cultural tension between Benfica and Sporting’s home towns of Porto and Lisbon.

largest salary 2022 FC Porto Player (Weekly Wage)

Pay for FC Porto’s players? Pay in the Primeira Liga? How much do footballers in Liga NOS make? Who makes the most money at FC Porto? Who are the FC Porto players making the most money?

Evanilson’s pay, Salary for Yacine Brahimi? Although FC Porto withholds information about salaries, it is believed that players like Pepe and Mateus Uribe make the most money at FC Porto based on transfer market value, which is noted in the table below.

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The Liga NOS pays its players an average annual wage of €287,000 ($5,520/week).

FC Porto Players Salaries 2022 (Weekly Wage)

Porto does not disclose its pay budget, like the majority of other football teams. However, a lot of media frequently provide correct salary bill information.

The average salary in Portuguese football is quite low compared to other leagues. Here are the player salaries and contract information for FC Porto for 2022.

FC Porto Players Salaries 2022 and Contract Information

FC Porto Players Salaries 2022
FC Porto Players Salaries 2022


There is no salary or contract information available for any FC Porto player. But for many of them, we do have the following information from trustworthy sources:

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FC Porto Players Salaries 2022

Player NameWeekly WageYearly Salary
Mateus Uribe£38,000£1,976,000
Agustín Marchesín£37,000£1,924,000
Marko Grujić£34,000£1,768,000
Iván Marcano£34,000£1,768,000
Jesús Corona£30,000£1,560,000
Sérgio Oliveira£29,000£1,508,000
Mehdi Taremi£25,000£1,300,000
Luis Díaz£25,000£1,300,000
Chancel Mbemba£22,000£1,144,000
Toni Martínez£16,000£832,000
Diogo Costa£14,000£728,000
Bruno Costa£7,500£390,000
Fábio Cardoso£7,300£379,600
Fábio Vieira£6,300£327,600
Zaidu Sanusi£6,000£312,000
Cláudio Ramos£5,400£280,800
Wilson Manafá£4,400£228,800
Francisco Conceição£4,300£223,600
João Mário£4,100£213,200
David Vinhas£2,400£124,800
Benicio Baker-Boaitey£1,500£78,000
António Ribeiro£1,500£78,000
Bruno Pires£1,500£78,000
Francisco Guedes£1,300£67,600
Gabriel Brás£1,200£62,400
Gonçalo Machado£1,200£62,400
João Sérgio£1,100£57,200
Joel Carvalho£1,100£57,200
Jorge Meireles£1,100£57,200
Doro Dabo£900£46,800
Gabriel Carvalho£870£45,240
Pedro Virgínia£800£41,600
Ricardo Rei£700£36,400
Rui Monteiro£700£36,400
Ángel González£240£12,480
Gentrit Salihu£160£8,320
Diar Halili£160£8,320
Diogo Abreu£90£4,680
Tomás Oliveira£60£3,120
Leandro Dias£60£3,120
Tiago Antunes£60£3,120
João Cardoso£60£3,120
José Macedo£60£3,120
Luís Gomes£60£3,120
Gustavo Barros£60£3,120
Tiago Carvalho£60£3,120
Umaro Candé£60£3,120
Pedro Nuno£60£3,120
Mariano Regal£60£3,120
Diogo Fernandes£60£3,120

FC Porto Players Salaries 2022

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