Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2022

Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2022, NHIF Tanzania Price List 2022: The National Health Insurance Fund is a program supported by the government of Tanzania and intended to provide affordable health insurance for the country’s citizens. The NHIF allows people to access necessary medical services, including hospitalization and medication.

Access to pregnancy-related services and chronic illness treatment are also covered by the program, as well as financial aid for those dealing with chronic illnesses.The NHIF is available to all citizens, including children. It covers the costs of treatment for hospitalization and outpatient care, as well as medication.

The program receives funding from several sources, including governmental revenues and donations from both companies and employees. Tanzania is one of several African countries that have implemented a national health insurance program in recent years, and Tanzania is one of such countries. The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has been critical in increasing access to healthcare for millions of underprivileged people and lowering the prevalence of avoidable illnesses.

Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2022 Tanzania 

National Health Insurance Fund of Tanzania offers different health insurance plans to meet different needs. NHIF Tanzania provides a variety of prices for its health insurance plans, depending on customer age and the benefits that he or she requires. The price list for NHIF Tanzania’s health insurance plans is given below.

NHIF Tanzania Price List 2022Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2022

Age Group 18-35
Package NameCharge
Najali Afya192,000
Wekeza Afya384,000
Timiza Afya516,000
Age Group 36-50
Package NameCharge
Najali Afya240,000
Wekeza Afya440,000
Timiza Afya612,000
Age Group 60+
Package NameCharge
Najali Afya360,000
Wekeza Afya660,000
Timiza Afya984,000

NHIF Tanzania Other Membership Package

Toto Afya Card Retiree
StudentsUmoja Afya
Public InstitutionsUshirika Afya
Vifurushi vya Bima ya AfyaBoda boda Afya
Non Public InstitutionsMachinga Afya
Madereva Afya

What Are The Services Included in Nhif Packeges

The National Health Insurance Fund offers several different insurance packages, each of which provides different levels of coverage. The lowest-priced package, known as Najali Afya Package, covers basic health services such as outpatient care and maternal care.

The more expensive Executive Plan covers a wider range of services, including inpatient care, diagnostic testing, and prescription drugs. Regardless of which package you choose, the NHIF will help you pay for your medical expenses. Below you will find all services covered in each of the package provided by NHIF

Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2022
Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2022

Documents Needed to Register as NHIF Tanzania Member

  • Identification card; either a driving licence, passport, voter’s card or national ID.
  • Recent coloured photo passport
  • For religious denominations wishing to register with NHIF should submit a registration request letter to any NHIF office nearby.
  • For children under the age of 18 years, a birth certificate will be needed.
  • Learning institutions wishing to register their students must apply and be registered to the Fund as an employer.
  • Mutual groups wishing to register to NHIF should accompany their application forms with their registration certificate, Constitution, list of all members and TIN Number Certificate.
  • To register a spouse as a dependant you must include an identification card and marriage certificate.
  • To register a parent as a dependant you must include an identification card for the parent and the contributor’s birth certificate.
  • To register a spouse’s parent as a dependant you must include an identification card for the spouse’s parent, birth certificate of the spouse and the contributor’s marriage certificate.

or you can make Online Application by visiting this page

NHIF Tanzania Contact Address

For More Inoformation Pleas Contact NHIF Help Center Via

  • CALL NHIF: +255 26 2963887/8/+255 26 2963888
  • HOTLINE: 0800110063 – Inapatikana saa 24 siku 7 za wiki


  • National Health Insurance Fund,
  • Head Office,
  • Tambukareli Street, Jakaya Kikwete Road,
  • P.O.Box 1437,

Email Address :

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