Go na NMB Fantasy League

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Everyone may take part in the Fantasy Premier League thanks to GO na NMB’s creation, the GO na NMB Fantasy League (FPL). A user is given a virtual budget of £100 million to choose a squad of 15 players in this virtual, strategic game.

The user’s squad will participate in a league against other users’ teams where points are tallied after each Game week. Since points are earned based on how well each player performs in real life, it’s critical to plan your strategy weeks in advance!

Go na NMB Fantasy League

Go na NMB offers you the opportunity to take part in the league for free and be eligible to win cash prizes in a variety of categories, as shown below:

  • Each Game week’s top scorer has a chance to earn TZS 50,000.
  • Every four game weeks, the player with the most points overall has a chance to win TZS 200,000.

The top three finishers in the league have a chance to take home one of the following awards:

  • The first-place prize is TZS 2,000,000 (the winner with the most total points).
  • Winner of second place (with the second-highest total points) receives TZS 1,500,000.
  • Third place, or the winner with the third-highest total points, receives TZS one million.
Go na NMB Fantasy League
Go na NMB Fantasy League

To sign up for the GO na NMB Fantasy League, click the link below;


Alternately, you can join the league by using the secret league code “nmml7t.

Please register with GonaNMB to receive more information about events, offers, and financial advice.

Go na NMB, youth is the future!

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