Highest Paid Players in Tanzania Premier League 2023

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The summer transfer window is upon us once again, and with it comes renewed hopes that some of Africa’s biggest talents may make a move to the Tanzania NBC Premier League in time for the 2022/2023 season.

Whilst signing players is expensive, clubs are increasingly focusing on salary packages to both signs and retain some players that have proven to be vital to their club in the 2021/22 season

Bernard Morrison’s transfer saga and Simba Sports Club, alongside the gridlock over Manzoki’s transfer rumor to Yanga Sc, highlights just how important contract negotiations are within NBC Tanzania Premier League football.

Highest Paid Players in Tanzania Premier League 2023

The following is a list of players who are paid a rich and big salary in the NBC Tanzania league for this 2022/2023 season/Highest Paid Players in Tanzania Premier League 2023.

Knowing the amount given to the players of the teams competing in the NBC Tanzania premier league has become difficult due to confidentiality in the players’ contracts with various football clubs in Tanzania.

Highest Paid Players in Tanzania Premier League 2023
Highest Paid Players in Tanzania Premier League 2023

Many teams in Tanzania have not disclosed the salary they pay their players, but we have presumed that a player with a high market worth on the transfer market is the one who would be paid a lot of money.

1Aziz Stephan KYoung AfricansBurkina Faso9890 Euro
2Clatous ChamaSimba SCZambia9887 Euro
3Bernado MorissonYoung AfricansGhana9880 Euro
4Dejan JorvicSimba SCSerbia9860 Euro
5John BoccoSimba SCTanzania20.5M
6Moses PhiriSimba SCZambia8870 Euro
7Aishi ManuraSimba SCTanzania17.2M
8Khalid AuchoYoung AfricansUganda6990 Euro
9Fiston MayeleYoung AfricansCongo6990 Euro
10Augustin OkhraSimba SCGhana6970 Euro
11Prince DubeAzamZimbabwe6980 Euro
12Mkude JonasSimba SCTanzania10M
13Djigiu DiarraYoung AfricansMali4310 Euro

Salary caps have been the focus of several player strikes and lockouts by owners and administrators because they restrict players and teams’ ability to negotiate higher salaries even when a team is making significant profits. This makes salary caps a significant issue in negotiations between league management and players’ unions.

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