Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika

Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika

Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika, Biggest derbies in Africa, hizi ndio Derby kali Afrika, Cheki derby za kibabe Afrika, Kariakoo Derby na SOWETO Derby.

Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika,Simba and Yanga meet once it is a big match that stops many activities in the country. It is the Dar es Salaam Debt or the Kariakoo Debt which is a historic match in Tanzania that brings the clubs together from one area separated by streets just a few meters away, Jangwani and Msimbazi.

In Tanzania Simba and Yanga are the most popular clubs in Tanzania, but they have millions of fans even outside the country in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan.

Fans of these teams traveling up to 1,000 kilometers on buses and private cars to perform this match in another city is a common occurrence. In fact, the violence of this match ranges from the State House, Parliament, markets, prisons, daladala centers, patient wards to the couple’s rooms.

Violence in football, is part of the sweetness of football. Extreme hostility is built on matches with a strong ‘debit’ fan base, which is often associated with teams from the same Area.

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‘We beat you, you can’t, we are not historical champions’, are the statements you can hear through the fans’ fans especially the teams with a fan base and fan competition popularly known as’ debi’.

In Africa, there are many popular football ‘debts’ that are not just for entertainment, but for fans the matches are more than just football, culture and life. Leaving aside Kariakoo debut which is the oldest and most popular in Africa especially East Africa, these are the other Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika football.

Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika

 MISRI: Cairo Dabi

This is probably the most popular battle in Africa, involving Africa’s oldest and biggest clubs, Al ahly and Zamalek. Both of these clubs have been named by the African Football Confederation as one of the best clubs of the 20th century. these. It’s hard. It is also said that this is the most sought after item in Africa Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika.

It may be an imaginary thing for Simba and Yanga to be viewed outside Africa let alone East Africa, the match between Al ahly and Zamaleki is popular and is also viewed in the Middle East. It is an expensive match to prepare and watch, involving expensive teams and expensive players in Africa. In all the games they have played, Al Ahly has proved to be a good win with 105 times Zamalek with 58 and a draw 79 times.

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The Soweto Debate of South Africa, is said to be one of the most popular clubs in Africa, involving popular clubs from Soweto, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates.

Based in Soweto, Johannesburg, Kaizer Chiefs was founded by former Orlando Pirates player Kaizer Motaung after falling out with top Orlando officials over his move to play football in the United States, for the Atlanta Chiefs’ first match. This debut was filed on January 24, 1970 and hostilities erupted further after the Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika

TUNISIA: Tunis Dabi

The debut is one of Tunisia’s most popular teams on Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika, Club Africain, which is seen as a low-income team with Esperance de Tunis, which is said to be a ‘vibpopa’ fan.

These are the main rival teams in the country, which are compared to the Milan Battle between Ac Milan and Inter Milan because of the use of one home stadium. The rivals use the Stade Olympique de Rades in Tunis for their home matches.

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MOROCCO: Casablanca Dabi

It is a battle between Wydad Casablanca and Raja Casablanca from the city of Casablanca where they meet at the famous Stade Mohammed V is a match of its kind and of international prestige. Like Simba and Yanga in Tanzania, many Moroccan fans are fans of these two clubs. The very first match between the two teams was played in 1956 and since then Raja has been the thorn in Wydad’s side winning 39 games while Wydad has won 32 games on Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika.

TANZANIA: Kariakoo Dabi

This is also one of the biggest controversial derby in Africa that attracts the attention of many and the referee often has extra work to do to ensure that he reduces the pressure on the fans as well as the players so that everything can go smoothly. Before today’s match on Saturday, Yanga enters the match at the top of the Premier League standings with 58 points after 23 matches while Simba are in fourth place with 36 points after 15 matches.

One of the most memorable games was on March 5, 2011 when they drew 1-1, Yanga scoring through Stefano Mwasyika (penalty) in the 59th minute and Simba equalizing in the 73rd minute through Mussa Mgosi on Hizi Ni Dabi Maarufu Zaidi Afrika.

Referee Orden Mbaga caused an uproar on the pitch when it appeared to disallow Simba’s equalizer, and he conceded it after negotiating with his number one assistant.

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