How many trophies have Arsenal won?

How many trophies have Arsenal won?

The idea of How many trophies have Arsenal won? football team Arsenal is among the most well-known and prosperous teams in the world, both on and off the field.

With 42 titles under its belt throughout the course of its lengthy history, Arsenal F.C. is one of the most decorated football teams in the world. This includes 11 FA Cup triumphs and 13 Premier League crowns.

We’ve witnessed some genuinely remarkable trophy triumphs and brilliant players fill both Highbury and the Emirates stadiums since the club was founded in Dial Square in 1886. But how many championships did Arsenal win while playing in English football?

In 1987 and 1993, Arsenal won the League Cup twice as well. In 1989, it also won the Mercantile Credit Centenary Trophy, adding to its 13 FA Charity Shield victories.

The squad has seen enormous domestic success and has also won two European titles, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1970 and the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994. In 1971, 1993, 1998, and 2002, Arsenal won the Premier League and FA Cup simultaneously four times.

Arsenal Football Club has won a whopping 46 trophies throughout the Men’s FIFA, UEFA & top qualifying FA, EFL and PL honours. These include:

How many trophies have Arsenal won?

  • 13 FA Cups (the current record)
  • 13 League Champions
  • 2 League Cups
  • 1 League Centenary Trophy
  • 15 Community Sheilds
  • 1 UEFA Winners Cup
  • 1 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

The end of Arsenal’s lack of victories

The magnitude of Arsenal’s accomplishments did not lessen hopes for the future. Between their final victory in 2005 and 2014, Arsene Wenger’s club had a nine-year drought in which they failed to win any trophies.

After 512 games and more than 3,000 days, Arsenal triumphed over what would go down as one of the most famous comebacks in English FA Cup history.

How many trophies have Arsenal won?
How many trophies have Arsenal won?


The 3-2 victory over Hull City, which took place at Wembley Stadium in May 2014, was another victory for the record books as Arsenal surpassed Hull City to become the FA Cup winners with the most victories, securing the manager Arsene Wenger’s uncertain future.

Fans of Arsenal have followed on How many trophies have Arsenal won?the team through both amazing victories and heartbreaking defeats throughout the years. In the present Premier League era, Arsenal will always be regarded as one of the world’s best and most decorated clubs.

Despite their local dominance, they have not recently captured a significant European football prize. Can we expect Arsenal to once again become a dominant force now that three-time Europa League champion Unai Emery is in charge?

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