How to Play Bet9ja 2022 Guide

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How to Play Bet9ja 2022 Guide: Want to start betting online in Nigeria? Then you should visit bet9ja! This post is for you if you want to play bet9ja with the millions of Nigerians who already do. Just for you, we have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to play bet9ja online. Learn how to sign up, send money in, get money out, and many other things!

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One of the most popular betting sites in Nigeria, Bet9ja provides gamers from that country with top-notch online betting services. The experience of betting on bet9ja is fantastic How to Play Bet9ja 2022 Guide. They provide a huge sportsbook, simple deposit and withdrawal processes, and many more incredible betting options.

How to Play Bet9ja 2022 Guide

New clients may also take advantage of a terrific welcome offer, which will give their online betting experience the best possible start.

There are primarily two methods to play Bet9ja games. The first method involves using a booking code, which you must present when placing your wager and having the games printed out at any Bet9ja outlet. (Please bear with me; I’ll quickly explain everything in detail of How to Play Bet9ja 2022 Guide.)

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The second method involves using a personal internet account. You won’t need to go to a Bet9ja location to place bets or get your matches printed out if you have a personal account on How to Play Bet9ja 2022 Guide.

Everything you do online will be done by you alone. ( In a subsequent subsection below, I’ll demonstrate how to achieve this in detail

Here are the steps you need to take to do this successfully in How to Play Bet9ja 2022 Guide:

  • Log on to using any device of your choice (computer, smartphone etc)
  • If you are on mobile, you will be redirected automatically to the company’s old mobile site where you will see something like this.
  • Click on “BET” as shown in the arrow in the above image and the next page will load where you will have to select the category of games you will like to play. For instance “soccer,” “tennis,” “basketball” etc.
  • Select the games category e.g. Soccer and the next page will open where you will have to select the country of your choice.
  • Click on any of them you want and follow it till you see a game between two teams in that category. The home team is often the team given the “Odd” with the number 1 to win. So if you click on that “1,” you are saying the home team will win the match. A click on “X” means the game will be a draw while clicking on “2” means the Away team will win.
  • While you are selecting the games, you will notice the number of games you have so far selected counting at the top right-hand corner of your screen. (on the cart image)
  • Once you are done selecting your games, click on that cart image above and a new page will open where you have to include the amount of money you want to stake on the game.
  • After that, click on ‘bet’ and a new page will show up with the booking code which you are to copy and take along with you to a Bet9ja shop to officially place the game and have the games printed out.
  • As soon as all the games have been played and you discovered you won, you will have to go back to that particular shop to collect your winnings is How to Play Bet9ja 2022 Guide.

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Let’s continue on How to Play Bet9ja 2022 Guide.

The Bet9ja personal account comes with so many advantages:

  1. It allows you to stake your games online privately.
  2. You receive your winnings directly in your bank account without any stress at all.
  3. It is easy to fund. You only need to have some money in your bank account and your ATM card details to be able to fund your Bet9ja account.
  4. It enables you to “cash-out” your winnings before the games have all been played. Take for instance you selected 9 games and out that 9, 5 have been played and you are winning. Bet9ja will give you an option “Cash-out” to take a percentage of what you’ve won so far and leave instead of losing everything due to an unexpected outcome from the remaining games.

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