ICT Training Programme

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ICT Training Programme, The secondary school teachers’ ICT training program was started in 2010. The training program’s objective was to provide science and math instructors with the knowledge and abilities necessary to integrate ICT into the teaching and learning of science and math disciplines.

The use of ICT allowed teachers to construct activities like simulated practical classes without the need for real specimens, which are often hard to come by. Similar to this, it has been shown that using ICT in the classroom reduces the amount of time needed to prepare lessons, makes it easier to save and access e-content, and gives students the option to do self-tutorials ICT Training Programme.

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Additionally, the training program’s goal was to improve instructors’ capacity to instruct the Information and Computer Studies (ICS) curriculum in an effective and efficient manner ICT Training Programme.

A policy has been created by MoEST to direct the incorporation of ICT in Basic Education. It is influenced by the broad goals of educational policies as well as pertinent national development policies, such as the 2003 Tanzania National ICT Policy. The Policy is also connected to ICT operations in other fields and industries since ICT is a cross-cutting instrument, particularly vocational training, higher education, regional administration, and local government ICT Training Programme.

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ICT Training Programme

In order to implement the policy, the Secondary Education Unit in the MoEST has in place the training Manual for the ICT training programme which has been prepared by the ICT experts.  The intention is to link and actualize the current instructional approach that employ new technologies in teaching and learning ICT Training Programme.

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The needs assessment was conducted to explore the status of ICT integration in schools as. The Manual was written basing on the following identified gaps:

  1. Lack of awareness on the importance of ICT use in teaching and learning;
  2. Lack of basic skills in using ICT facilities;

Lack of basic technical skills in ICT equipment maintenance;

  1. Lack of basic technical skills in management of hardware and software;
  2. Lack of skills of integrating ICT in teaching and learning.

Therefore, the topics were developed in light of bridging the identified gaps in ICT Training Programme.

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