Ijue Sheria Namba 6 ya Waamuzi Wasaidizi

Ijue Sheria Namba 6 ya Waamuzi Wasaidizi, In football there are 4 officials although the general public only know about 3 of them. The Referee, the Linesmen and the 4th Official but this article focuses on the 2nd official.

In the football rules, there are two types of match officials used to ensure the most positive experience possible. There are the referees, who are in charge of making all calls on the pitch, and there are assistant referees who assist the referee by communicating with him about possible offsides or infractions.

Other match officials

  • two assistant referees
  • fourth official
  • two additional assistant referees
  • reserve assistant referee
  • video assistant referee (VAR)
  • assistant VAR (AVAR)

They will help the referee manage the game according to the Laws of the Game, but the referee will have the final say.

The “field” match officials are the referee, the assistant referees, the fourth official, the additional assistant referees and the reserve assistant referee.

According to the Laws of the Game and VAR protocol, VAR and AVAR serve as “video” match officials (VMO) and support the referee.

Ijue Sheria Namba 6 ya Waamuzi Wasaidizi

The referee is responsible for overseeing the match officials Ijue Sheria Namba 6 ya Waamuzi Wasaidizi. The referee will relieve them of responsibility and notify the appropriate authorities if there is excessive interference or inappropriate behavior.

Sign for Assistant Referees:

Ijue Sheria Namba 6 ya Waamuzi Wasaidizi
Ijue Sheria Namba 6 ya Waamuzi Wasaidizi

Addition assisatant referee

Ijue Sheria Namba 6 ya Waamuzi Wasaidizi
Ijue Sheria Namba 6 ya Waamuzi Wasaidizi

Kazi za waamuzi wasaidizi:

  • the ball is completely out of bounds and which team has the right to throw in, a corner kick or a goal kick.
  • Offsides can result in player penalties.
  • A change of plans is required.
  • If more assistant referees are selected, the assistant referee stands parallel to the penalty mark before the goalkeeper steps outside the goal line and if the ball crosses the line.
  • Monitoring the conversion process is another job of the assistant referee.

Kazi za Muamuzi wa Mezani Fourth Official:

  • monitor the replacement process
  • inspecting the equipment of a player or substitute
  • re-entry of a player after receiving permission or a signal from the referee
  • keep an eye on the replacement balls
  • indicating the minimum amount of extra time that the referee will play at each end of the period (including extra time)
  • notify the referee of any technical area occupant who exhibits careless behavior.

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