ISL Indian Super League 2022/2023 Hero Schedule

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ISL Indian Super League 2022/2023 Hero Schedule Indian Super League (ISL) is the men’s professional top tier football league in Indian football league system. It is organized by the All India Football Federation (AIFF), and their commercial partners Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL). For sponsorship ties with Hero MotoCorp, it is officially called as Hero Indian Super League.

ISL Indian Super League 2022/2023 Hero Schedule

1ATK vs Kerala19-Nov-2207:30 PMFatorda
2Bengaluru vs NorthEast United20-Nov-2207:30 PMBambolim
3Bengal vs Jamshedpur21-Nov-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
4Mumbai City vs Goa22-Nov-2207:30 PMFatorda
5Hyderabad vs Chennaiyin23-Nov-2207:30 PMBambolim
6Odisha vs Bengaluru24-Nov-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
7NorthEast United vs Kerala25-Nov-2207:30 PMFatorda
8Goa vs Jamshedpur26-Nov-2207:30 PMBambolim
9Bengal vs ATK27-Nov-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
10Mumbai vs Hyderabad27-Nov-2209:30 PMFatorda
11Bengaluru vs Kerala28-Nov-2207:30 PMBambolim
12NorthEast United vs Chennaiyin29-Nov-2207:30 PMFatorda
13Odisha vs Bengal30-Nov-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
14ATK vs Mumbai01-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
15Jamshedpur vs Hyderabad02-Dec-2207:30 PMBambolim
16Chennaiyin vs Bengal03-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
17NorthEast United vs Goa04-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
18Bengaluru vs Mumbai04-Dec-2209:30 PMBambolim
19Kerala FC vs Odisha05-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
20Jamshedpur vs ATK06-Dec-2207:30 PMBambolim
21Bengal vs Goa07-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
22Hyderabad vs Bengaluru08-Dec-2207:30 PMBambolim
23Mumbai vs Jamshedpur09-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
24Odisha vs NorthEast United10-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
25ATK vs Chennaiyin11-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
26Goa vs Bengaluru11-Dec-2209:30 PMBambolim
27Bengal vs Kerala12-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
28Hyderabad vs NorthEast United13-Dec-2207:30 PMBambolim
29Odisha vs Jamshedpur14-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
30Mumbai vs Chennaiyin15-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
31Bengaluru vs ATK16-Dec-2207:30 PMBambolim
32NorthEast United vs Bengal17-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
33Chennaiyin vs Odisha18-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
34Goa vs Hyderabad18-Dec-2209:30 PMBambolim
35Mumbai vs Kerala19-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
36Jamshedpur vs Bengaluru20-Dec-2207:30 PMBambolim
37NorthEast United vs ATK21-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
38Chennaiyin vs Kerala22-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
39Hyderabad vs Bengal23-Dec-2207:30 PMBambolim
40Odisha vs Goa24-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
41Kerala vs Jameshedpur26-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
42NorthEast United vs Mumbai27-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
43Hyderabad vs Odisha28-Dec-2207:30 PMBambolim
44ATK vs Goa29-Dec-2207:30 PMFatorda
45Chennaiyin vs Bengaluru30-Dec-2207:30 PMVasco da Gama
46Kerala vs Goa02-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
47Jamshedpur vs Chennaiyin02-Jan-2309:30 PMBambolim
48Odisha vs Mumbai03-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
49Bengaluru vs Bengal04-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
50ATK vs Hyderabad05-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
51Jamshedpur vs NorthEast United06-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
52Bengal vs Mumbai07-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
53ATK vs Odisha08-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
54Goa vs Chennaiyin08-Jan-2309:30 PMBambolim
55Kerala vs Hyderabad09-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
56 Mumbai vs Bengaluru10-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
57 Jamshedpur vs Bengal11-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
58 Odisha vs Kerala12-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
59 Chennaiyin vs Hyderabad13-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
60 Goa vs NorthEast United14-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
61 ATK vs Bengaluru15-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
62 Kerala vs Mumbai16-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
63 Hyderabad vs Jamshedpur17-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
64 NorthEast United vs Odisha18-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
65 Goa vs Bengal19-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
66 Kerala vs ATK20-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
67 Jamshedpur vs Mumbai21-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
68 Chennaiyin vs NorthEast United22-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
69 Bengaluru vs Goa23-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
70 Bengal vs Hyderabad24-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
71 Mumbai vs NorthEast United25-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
72 Bengaluru vs Chennaiyin26-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
73 Odisha vs Hyderabad27-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
74 Jamshedpur vs Goa28-Jan-2307:30 PMBambolim
75 ATK vs Bengal29-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
76 Kerala vs Bengaluru30-Jan-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
77 NorthEast United vs Hyderabad31-Jan-2307:30 PMFatorda
78 Goa vs Odisha01-Feb-2307:30 PMBambolim
79 Bengal vs Chennaiyin02-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
80 Mumbai vs ATK03-Feb-2307:30 PMFatorda
81 Kerala vs NorthEast United04-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
82 Bengaluru vs Jamshedpur05-Feb-2307:30 PMBambolim
83 Chennaiyin vs Mumbai06-Feb-2307:30 PMFatorda
84 Bengal vs Odisha07-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
85 Hyderabad vs ATK08-Feb-2307:30 PMBambolim
86 NorthEast United vs Bengaluru09-Feb-2307:30 PMFatorda
87 Chennaiyin vs Goa10-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
88 Jamshedpur vs Kerala11-Feb-2307:30 PMBambolim
89 Mumbai vs Bengal12-Feb-2307:30 PMFatorda
90 Odisha vs ATK13-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
91 Hyderabad vs Goa14-Feb-2307:30 PMBambolim
92 Kerala vs Chennaiyin15-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
93 ATK vs Jamshedpur16-Feb-2307:30 PMFatorda
94 Bengaluru vs Odisha17-Feb-2307:30 PMBambolim
95 Bengal vs NorthEast United18-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
96 Hyderabad vs Kerala19-Feb-2307:30 PMFatorda
97 Goa vs Mumbai20-Feb-2307:30 PMBambolim
98 Chennaiyin vs ATK21-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
99 Jamshedpur vs Odisha22-Feb-2307:30 PMBambolim
100 Bengal vs Bengaluru23-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
101 Hyderabad vs Mumbai24-Feb-2307:30 PMFatorda
102 Goa vs ATK25-Feb-2307:30 PMBambolim
103 Odisha vs Chennaiyin26-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
104 NorthEast United vs Jamshedpur27-Feb-2307:30 PMFatorda
105 Kerala vs Bengal28-Feb-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
106 Bengaluru vs Hyderabad01-Mar-2307:30 PMBambolim
107 Mumbai vs Odisha02-Mar-2307:30 PMFatorda
108 Chennaiyin vs Jamshedpur03-Mar-2307:30 PMVasco da Gama
109 ATK vs NorthEast United04-Mar-2307:30 PMFatorda
110 Goa vs Kerala05-Mar-2307:30 PMBambolim

ISL Indian Super League 2022/2023 Hero Schedule There are presently 11 clubs in the league. Each season of the competition normally spans from November through March. In a round-robin format, each team competes against every other club throughout the league round of the competition.

The team with the most points at the conclusion of the league stage is crowned the Premiers and given a trophy called the League Winners Shield, along with the runners-up who advance to the play-offs, while the following four clubs earn a spot in a qualifying round to join the top two teams in the playoffs. The ISL Final, which determines the winners who receive the ISL Trophy, marks the end of the season.

ISL Indian Super League 2022/2023 Hero Schedule
ISL Indian Super League 2022/2023 Hero Schedule


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Gokulam KeralaInfoMatchesSquad [31]Appearances
Mohammedan SCInfoMatchesSquad [32]Appearances
NEROCA FCInfoMatchesSquad [33]Appearances
Punjab FCInfoMatchesSquad [27]Appearances
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ISL Indian Super League 2022/2023 Hero Schedule On October 21, 2013, the competition was established with the goal of developing football in India and broadening its appeal there. In October 2014, the league has eight clubs. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the authority that oversees football in Asia, did not grant the league official status during its first three seasons.

The main Twenty20 franchise-based cricket league in the nation, the Indian Premier League, has a similar organizational structure to the tournament. Matches were played every day throughout each season, which lasted just three months from October to December. But prior to the 2017–18 campaign, the league added 10 clubs, lengthened its season to six months, and received AFC recognition.

ISL Indian Super League 2022/2023 Hero Schedule The ISL Final champion competes in the AFC Cup qualifying-playoffs, while league stage winners advance directly to the AFC Champions League.

Five clubs have received the title of league champions since the league’s first season: ATK (3), Chennaiyin (2), Bengaluru (1), Mumbai City (1), and Hyderabad (1). Goa, Mumbai City, and Jamshedpur have each won the League Winners Shield once since its debut in the 2019–20 season.

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