Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis Result

Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis Result, Australian champion Jai Opetaia tells that he won the world championship in memory of his grandma, who passed away only DAYS before he competed for the title while suffering from a broken jaw.

The world’s best cruiserweight battled through pain for his late grandma. Four days before to the title match, her burial was conducted, and he was unable to attend. Opetaia had jaw surgery since both sides of his jaw had significant fractures.

Jai Opetaia’s amazing desire to honor his grandmother after she passed away in the lead-up to the fight is what kept him going as he overcame two terrible fractures to his jaw to defeat Mairis Briedis for the cruiserweight title earlier this month on Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis Result.

The 27-year-old put out one of the most valiant efforts ever seen from an Australian boxer to go the full and win the IBF championship in Sydney on July 2. He sustained one of the breaks in the second round and the other later in the fight.

His injuries were so serious that he was unable to speak immediately after winning, required surgery, and was only able to speak about the game-changing victory on Monday, more than two weeks after the fight.

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Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis Result

Opetaia not only continued to compete despite having a double fracture, he also managed to keep it a secret from his trainer Mark Wilson until the eleventh round.

He said that the injury was discovered late in the bout by both the referee and Briedis’ corner, who began chanting at their boxer to “Hit his jaw, hit his jaw.”

Opetaia claimed that the Latvian heavyweight’s second round uppercut caused the initial fracture, and that in the tenth round, another blow caused the opposite side of the bone to be broken. I couldn’t actually move my jaw up because it was simply hanging down and not at all linked to my head, he said on Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis Result.

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Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis Result

After dominating the early rounds and building a comfortable lead, the Sydney native won a unanimous points decision to win the title. As the Australian battled with the fractures, Briedis quickly even the score.

His jaw prevented him from winning the bout “comfortably,” and he intends to unify the cruiserweight category before stepping up to heavyweight.

Opetaia’s promoter Dean Lonergan said last week that negotiations had started with Australian former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker to host a $5 million mega-fight of Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis Result.

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