Jinsi ya Kuandaa na Kuandika Bajeti

Jinsi ya Kuandaa na Kuandika Bajeti, mfano wa bajeti ya mradi, mambo ya kuzingatia wakati wa kuandaa bajeti, mwongozo wa bajeti 2022/23, mfano wa bajeti ya shule

Jinsi ya Kuandaa na Kuandika Bajeti, One of the best practices for improving the health of our personal finances is budgeting. Having a budget is so important that even large companies, as well as governments, plan their own budgets; but what is it? And above all, how is it done? This article is intended to serve as a general guide on how to create a personal budget, so that our finances are better.

According to Jinsi ya Kuandaa na Kuandika Bajeti, what we analyzed in the previous section, the Budget depends on two main factors, cash inflows and cash flows. So to make our budget, the first thing we need is to make a list with all the income that has been planned, for example, if we have a salary of 1500 euros, and a rental income of 300 euros, we will write down to be able to make the final sum, which in case this will be 1800 euros. If you have only one monthly income, our salary, it must be considered as it is, one input value.

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Jinsi ya Kuandaa na Kuandika Bajeti

The next thing on Jinsi ya Kuandaa na Kuandika Bajeti is to make a list with all the cash flows, or planned expenses; at this point we must do the following. First of all, the expenses that we know to be paid during the month are listed.. Here we must include,

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for example, expenses such as the payment of mobile services, the Internet, we must also include the payment of a loan or mortgage; now comes the most difficult part, and that is that so far the costs have been determined, that is to say that month by month you must pay the actual amount of our services or plans when there is a use that is not really appropriate, such as the use of food or gas for the car.

Jinsi ya Kuandaa na Kuandika Bajeti

Another important thing to consider in Jinsi ya Kuandaa na Kuandika Bajeti is the cost for the maintenance of the house, or part, as well as the payment of taxes and clothing costs; It is important that although we do not go every month to buy the same clothes as the previous one, there is a certain amount of money that has already been set aside for the stated goals, so that if this month we do not use the entire clothing budget, for the next month we can use that month’s budget together with the savings. or continue saving.

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