Jinsi ya Kuandika Kumbukumbu za Kikao

Jinsi ya Kuandika Kumbukumbu za Kikao

Jinsi ya Kuandika Kumbukumbu za Kikao, jinsi ya kuandika muhtasari wa kikao cha harusi, jinsi ya kuandika muhtasari wa kikao pdf, namna ya kuandika muhtasari wa kikao cha mirathi

Jinsi ya Kuandika Kumbukumbu za Kikao, A report is a description of someone, something or something that happened. It is a type of record that is written for future use. The report can be a research study about something, it can be for the police, doctor or for a certain commission.

While I was sitting in a large swivel chair, in front of me watching the quarrel of spiders and siafa, siafa seemed to be so burdened that death called him with a gentle voice.

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“Teacher, there is a problem,” I was shocked by the student’s voice.
“What problem?” I asked.
“Teacher of teachers, I don’t know how to write session notes, this question may come from the exam and I miss the mark.”
“Don’t think only about the marks, in real life, you may fail to write the notes of the session that concerns you if you are given that responsibility. There are some countries if you can’t write the minutes of the session you are imprisoned!” I finished with a joke, we all laughed, then the procession of two people towards the classroom followed.

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Before writing a report, there must be evidence about the issue or matter that the report is being written about. Therefore, the composer must do research first Jinsi ya Kuandika Kumbukumbu za Kikao. The writer should also know the level of education and field of the person writing the report. For example, if it is a policeman, doctor, lawyer, businessman, etc. The language the writer or composer will use should consider the context of use. The language should depend on the type of report.

Jinsi ya Kuandika Kumbukumbu za Kikao

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Jinsi ya Kuandika Kumbukumbu za Kikao

When writing session notes, make sure you consider four things that are part of session notes:

  1. Kichwa cha habari
  2. Waliohudhuria
  3. Wasiohudhuria
  4. Ajenda

Ajenda imegawanyika katika mambo manne:

  1. Kufungua kikao
  2. Maandalizi
  3. Mengineyo
  4. Kufunga kikao

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