Jinsi ya Kuandika Ripoti

Jinsi ya Kuandika Ripoti

Jinsi ya Kuandika Ripoti, jinsi ya kuandika field report, namna ya kuandika taarifa ya mradi, mfano wa ripoti ya shule, jinsi ya kuandika report baada ya field, How to write Field work report

Jinsi ya Kuandika Ripoti, The researcher must integrate theory and analysis taught in the classroom with methods of observation and practice used outside of the classroom while writing field reports.

An observed person, location, or event is described in a field report, and the observation data is analyzed to find and classify recurring patterns in relation to the research problem(s) supporting the study. The information is typically documented in the form of notes from the observation, but it can also be gathered by other methods including photography, graphics, or audio recordings.

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Jinsi ya Kuandika Ripoti

Writing a report is highly dependent on several factors as listed below is Jinsi ya Kuandika Ripoti:
What kind of report is it?

  1. Ya Kesi?
  2. Ya Utendaji kazi wa kawaida?
  3. Ya Utafiti?
  4. Ya kuanzisha mradi?
  5. Kusuluhisha migogoro!
  6. Ya shule/chuo
  7. Ya cheo kipi? Afisa, meneja, mkurugenzi
  8. Kwenda kwa nani, afisa, mkurugenzi, bodi

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Continuous questions and their answers are the important basis of report writing, With all that, the report system is almost identical to the key areas below Jinsi ya Kuandika Ripoti

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Jinsi ya Kuandika Ripoti

  1. Kasha la nje – Kichwa cha ripoti na mwandishi
  2. Utangulizi
  3. Malengo (Lengo kuu na malengo Mahsusi)
  4. Kazi zilizopangwa kwa mwezi
  5. The tasks performed, the level of implementation and its discussion (Here describe with statistics and or indicators, statistics if you are reporting measurable results or indicators if you are reporting non-quantifiable results)
  6. Attachment of the financial report (This aspect is important if you manage money or your performance involved the use of money)
  7. Work performed that was not in the plan (explain as above)
  8. Good news
  9. Challenges and ways to solve them
  10. Work planned for the month
  11. Conclusion – opinion and advice of the author(s).
  12. List of recipients of a copy of the report (Office, Name, Title)

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