Jinsi Ya Kulipia King’amuzi Cha Startimes Vifurushi

Jinsi Ya Kulipia King’amuzi Cha Startimes, Jinsi Ya Kulipia Vifurushi Vya Startimes Dish: If you have bought a Startimes decoder recently and you still don’t know how you can pay for the packages to be able to enjoy watching the various channels available on this decoder, then you have come to the right place.

Startimes decoder is one of the best devices you can use to watch your favorite channels in Tanzania. The decoder comes with different packages that you can buy and enjoy watching your favorite content on it. Each package comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, but we’ll not be discussing those here.

If you want to enjoy watching your favorite channels on it, then you need to pay for the various packages that are available. Here we’ll take you through on how you can pay for startites packages using different payment options including M-PESA, Airtel Money, Tigopesa And Halopesa.

Jinsi Ya Kulipia King’amuzi Cha Startimes Via M-pesa

  • Dial * 150 * 00 # On your phone
  • Then select four (4) “pay with money” as your means of payment.
  • Then select 4 again to enter the company number which is 700100
  • When you have finished entering the company number enter your startimes smart card number “eleven numbers on your decoder card” and then click ok.
  • Enter the amount you need to pay then proceed by click ok.
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN number then send
  • There after you will receive a confirmation text notifying you that your transaction is successfully
Jinsi Ya Kulipia King'amuzi Cha Startimes
Jinsi Ya Kulipia kifurushi Cha Startimes kwa m-pesa

Jinsi Ya Kulipia King’amuzi Cha Startimes Kwa Tigopesa

Jinsi Ya Kulipia King'amuzi Cha Startimes

Jinsi Ya Kulipia King’amuzi Cha Startimes

About Startimes: StarTimes (Star Media (Tanzania) Limited) is the largest DTV system integrator, technology provider and network operator in China. The company was founded in 1988 and headquartered in Beijing.

Based on its technical expertise in analog, IP and DTV technologies, StarTimes is a certified Hi-Tech Corporation with the special honor of being the only private corporation approved to contract foreign projects in the radio and television industry.

StarTimes has a very successful digital TV operation in Rwanda, where it ended its digital migration in major cities in December 2009. The company also ended its digital migration in Tanzania and Burundi’s major cities under the technical assistance of StarTimes. President Mwai Kibaki attended the opening ceremony and praised StarTimes’ contribution to the digitization of Kenya.

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