Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Startimes 2022

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Startimes 2022, How To Buy Startimes Package: Startimes is one of the best digital satellite service providers in Tanzania. They are providing Tanzanians with unique channels combination to satisfy every one need at low cost. DSTV and Azam Tv are among the digital satellite service providers in Tanzania, but Startimes is the best when it comes to provision of satisfactory service at the cheapest price.

Startimes is a top digital satellite service provider in Tanzania. They have a wide range of channels to suit every need of their customers. With Startimes, you can enjoy premium sports channels like St Sports Premium Hd, St World Football Hd and many other local and international channels. Their DTH services are available at affordable price with great signal strength.

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Startimes 2022

To be able to enjoy the channels available in the startimes bundles, you must first pay for any Startime package of your choice. Startimes offers various ways for their customers to pay for various packages offered by them. One of the most used method of payments is by using mobile money services like M-pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, T-Pesa or Halopesa.

If you don’t know how to pay your startimes subscription (Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Startimes 2022) then you have come to the right place. Follow the steps listed below to complete your payment and keep your family entertained with various channels in Startimes Packages.

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Startimes Kwa M-pesa

  1. Access the M-pesa Menu by dial *150*00# On your phone press
  2. Then from options displayed, choose option four (4) “pay with M-pesa” as your payment method.
  3. Choose 4 again to set the company number which is 700100
  4. Once you have finished entering the company number, enter your Startimes smart card number with eleven numbers and then click ok.
  5. Fill in the amount of money you want to pay and then click ok.
  6. Enter your M-pesa pin number and then confirm your payment
  7. There after you will receive a payment confirmation message from Vodacom M-pesa if your payment is successful.

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Startimes Kwa Tigo Pesa

  1. Dial *150*01# on your phone to access Tigopesa Menu
  2. Select pay the bill
  3. Select company names 2
  4. Select Decision 5
  5. Select startimes 2
  6. Select reference number 1
  7. Enter the reference number which is the Smart card number of your judge
  8. Enter the exact amount of the package you want to pay for
  9. Enter the PIN to make the payment
  10. After that you will receive a message confirming your payment

How To Buy Startimes Package From NMB Mobile

  1. Enter the menu by pressing *150*66# (send)
  2. Enter the password (send)
  3. Select option number five PAY BILL (send)
  4. A menu will appear, for example DSTV, STARTIMES, you press two numbers, STARTIMES (send)
  5. Enter the smartcard number, for example 021359440 (send)
  6. Enter the amount of payment depending on the type of package, for example SMART sh 18000 (send)
  7. Finally press 0 to accept and purchases are complete ready for use

Kununua Vifurushi Vya Startimes Tanzania Via Tigo & Vodacom

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Startimes 2022
Kununua Vifurushi Vya Startimes Kwa Tigopesa & M-pesa

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