Jinsi ya Kupata Control Number

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Jinsi ya Kupata Control Number, Tanzanian United Republic Various players, including the Government Agent (eGA), and the Ministry of Finance and Planning have established the Government Electronic Payment Gateway System (GePG). Our college is one of the government institutions that has already been included into experiments using this technology.

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Additionally on Jinsi ya Kupata Control Number, a number of service providers, including banks and mobile networks, have contributed to the achievement of the government’s goal. Ordinary individuals (who pay for different government services), Ministries, Departments, and the Government will all use this system. The system would also be able to offer details about public collections.

A person might ask the lender for details on his or her control number. Requesting the credit report from the lender is another technique to get the control number. On the upper right of this report, you can find the control number.

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  1. Dial *150* 01#, or *150*00#, or *150*60# (Depending on the Network Using )
  2. Choose ( Pay Bills )
  3. Reference no 001001.
  4. Payment number (Control number)
  5. Enter amount.
  6. Thibitisha muamala wa malipo kwa kuingiza neno au namba yako.

Jinsi ya Kupata Control Number

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Please open the link: – https://services.nida.go.tz (self Service / Take care of yourself.

Or open the NIDA website http://www.nida.go.tz

Then click (Click) National ID and continue to follow instructions.

Find out if NIN has been generated

Enter the text message (sms) field on any mobile phone

Enter your 1st name * last name * date of birth year * 1 mother’s name * mother’s last name as you filled out the form of nida Registration, then send to  15096

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