Jinsi ya kupata loss report Tanzania

Jinsi ya kupata loss report Tanzania

Jinsi ya kupata loss report Tanzania, loss report, Online Police Loss Report Form, Tanzania Police Loss Report Online 2022, Passport Application, Taarifa ya Mali Iliyopotea,  billing.support@tpf.go.tz.

Jinsi ya kupata loss report Tanzania, You may submit an online “loss of police report” and pay for it using GePG on your phone thanks to the police department’s collaboration with GePG.

Tanzania Police Loss Report Form Download. This service allows users to report any online property loss (Online Loss Report) You must have a smart phone or computer with internet access in order to access this website. Open the browser on your computer or phone, and then type https://lormis.tpf.go.tz into the address bar. The following is Jinsi ya kupata loss report Tanzania will appear whenever you enter the website into your browser:

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Jinsi ya kupata loss report Tanzania

  1. Fill out the online form to provide a description of the loss.
  2. You will receive the control number 99XXXXXXXX
  3. Pay 2000 Tanzania Shillings / = Online
  4. Go to any police station to confirm, print your letter at your time.
  5. Please let people know when we get the chance to meet with either one or more of them.

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Registration of lost property


The registered user only

Search your report

Be sure to keep in mind the ID type number that you choose to enter. Your password to see your information is the number.

You will be sent to the page where you may report your missing goods after clicking save and proceed. Click the “Save” button to continue after accurately entering all the information.

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