Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Tigo Mastercard

Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Tigo Mastercard

Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Tigo Mastercard, Tumia MasterCard QR, namna ya kupata tigo pesa visa card, MasterCard visa card, Jinsi Ya Kutumia Mastercard.

Tigo Pesa MasterCard QR eliminates the need to carry cash or bank card. So even if you forget your wallet at home, you can still make payments via MasterCard QR. This system guarantees you the security of paying for various goods and services by scanning the QR logo available at the payment counter in the store using a smartphone or by entering the eight (8) digits of the respective agent / seller if you are using a standard phone Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Tigo Mastercard.

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Latest version of the Tigo Pesa App, Tanzanians will be able to make payments through MasterCard QR by following these simple steps on Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Tigo Mastercard

1.       Fungua App yako ya TigoPesa kisha chagua Pay Merchant MasterCard (Lipa Wakala wa MasterCard).

2.       Tumia App yako ya Tigo Pesa kuscani nembo ya QR iliyopo kwenye kaunta ya kufanyia malipo (au ingiza herufi nane (8) za wakala zilizoainishwa chini ya nembo ya QR).

3.       Ingiza kiasi cha muamala.

4.       Ingiza namba yako ya siri (PIN) kuthibitisha malipo.

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For those wishing to use the USSD menu can make a payment by following these six simple steps:


 Wale wasiokuwa na simu janja/smartphone

1.       Piga *150*01#

2.       Chagua 5 – Pay Merchant   Lipa Wakala)

3.       Chagua 2 – Pay MasterCard QR merchant (Lipa Wakala wa MasterCard QR)

4.       Ingiza tarakimu  8 za wakala

5.       Ingiza kiasi cha muamala

6.       Ingiza namba yako ya siri (PIN) kuthibitisha malipo

Masterpass is a service provided by Mastercard to enable the customer to make digital payments that are fast, secure and easy.
This service can now be used by Tigo Pesa customers for smart phones and regular phones via the * 150 * 01 # menu Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Tigo Mastercard.

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Tigo Pesa customers can purchase products or pay for services to all merchants who accept Masterpass payments Payment can be made in two different ways:

1) Kwa kupiga *150*01#
Chagua 5 – Lipa bidhaa
Chagua 2 – Lipa na Masterpass QR
Ingiza tarakimu nane(8) za mfanya biashara na kiasi
Thibitisha malipo na namba ya siri

2) Kwa kutupia Tigo Pesa App
Chagua “Lipia bidhaa”

Skani kodi ya QR na fuata malekezo
Ingiza tarakimu nane(8) za mfanyabiashara kisha fuata maelekezo

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