Kambi ya Simba Misri Na Kikosi Chake

Kambi ya Simba Misri Na Kikosi Chake

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Kambi ya Simba Misri Na Kikosi Chake, The Simba team has arrived safely in Egypt after their journey started yesterday July 14, 2022 while showing the hotel they have reached for the 23-day camp in the city of Ismailia in Egypt

The Simba team that left the country on July 14 afternoon to go to Egypt while in their caravan there were 19 players, a technical bench and one leader who is the information and communication manager Ahmed Ally.

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The players who left were Shomari Kapombe, Ally Salim, Benno Kakolanya, Gadiel Michael, Erasto Nyoni, Pape Sakho, Chris Mugalu, Augustine Okrah, Meddie Kagere, Jimson Mwanuke, Victor Akpan and Habibu Kyombo.

Others, Clatous Chama, John Bocco, Israel Mwenda, Joash Onyango, Henock Inonga and two others who were not seen.

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Kambi ya Simba Misri Na Kikosi Chake

It should be noted that in the 2021/22 season, Simba failed to win any title and made their traditional rivals able to win all three titles, starting with the Community Shield, the Confederation Cup and the Premier League.

The team will have a break after discussing the technical aspects of which country will be easily accessible, access to equipment, stadiums and other basic things such as plane tickets, transportation and hotels together we will agree and go there.

“Neither are we afraid and don’t see us being silent, we are continuing with the plans and basic things if they are completed, then next season the team will do well unlike this season.”

However, information inside Simba says that the camp will be in Egypt and that’s when Zoran, who took Pablo Franco’s bags, will wake up the dude for his first season with the team that lost three titles.

Kambi ya Simba Misri Na Kikosi Chake
Kambi ya Simba Misri Na Kikosi Chake



Kambi ya Simba Misri Na Kikosi Chake, Our team has started training this evening in Egypt in preparation for the new league season 2022/23 under head coach Zoran Maki. The team has arrived at dawn in Egypt in the city of Ismailia where we are training at the Mercure Ismailia Forsan Island Hotel

The team has traveled with 19 players where we expect they will increase after the completion of the travel procedures. The squad will be here for about three weeks where we believe when we return home we will be ready for the new season.

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