Kikosi Cha KMC Vs Ruvu Shooting Leo 07/10/2022

Kikosi Cha KMC Vs Ruvu Shooting Leo 07/10/2022, Kikosi Cha KMC Leo Dhidi Ya Ruvu Shooting, Kikosi Cha Ruvu Shooting Dhidi Ya KMC Leo Ligi Kuu Ya NBC Premier league

Kinondoni Municipal Council KMC F.C. is going head to head against Ruvu Shooting F.C. on match day seven of the NBC Tanzania Premier League. The game will begin at 4:00 p.m. at Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

In today’s game, the KMC club will have the task of finding a victory that will allow them to rise in the Tanzanian top league, where they are currently in 10th place with a total of 6 points obtained in the league’s last five games.

KMC had a poor start to the NBC Premier League 2022/2023 season, losing 1-0 to Coastal Union on August 17, 2022, then drawing 2-2 with Tanzania Police and Simba SC before drawing again with Namungo Fc in their final game. So far, the only match in which KMC Fc has won all three points is the one against Ihefu Fc, in which they won the match with 2-1 results.

Ruvu Shooting, on the other hand, is in fifth place with 9 points in 6 NBC Premier League games. So far, they have won three of the six games they have played, while losing points to Young Africans, Namungo Fc, and Mtibwa Sugar Fc. Ruvu shooting is currently in fifth place in the League due to having played more matches than his colleagues; however, if he fails to win today’s game against KMC, he will fall to 11th place when the other teams play their games, which remain to fulfill the total number of 7 matches.

Kikosi Cha KMC Vs Ruvu Shooting Leo 07/10/2022

Here, we’ll take a look at the starting lineups for KMC F.C. and Ruvu Shooting F.C. as they compete in the NBC Premier League. You can view the official starting lineups for KMC vs. Ruvu Shooting (Kikosi Cha KMC Vs Ruvu Shooting Leo) here after the head coach releases them, which is usually about an hour before the game.

Kikosi Cha KMC Vs Ruvu Shooting Leo 07/10/2022
Kikosi Cha KMC Vs Ruvu Shooting Leo 07/10/2022

Predicted: Kikosi Cha KMC Leo Dhidi Ya Ruvu Shooting

  1. Robert Mapigano
  2. Kelvin Kijili
  3. Hance Msonga
  4. Ibrahim Ame
  5. Andrew Chikupe
  6. Baraka Gamba
  7. George Makang’a
  8. Matheo Simon
  9. Awesu Awesu
  10. Emmanuel Mvuyekure
  11. Styve Nzigamasabo

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Predicted: Kikosi Cha Ruvu Shooting Dhidi Ya KMC Leo

  1. 1 Hussein Msalanga
  2. 27 Michael Aidan
  3. 2 Mpoki Mwakinyuke
  4. 29 Tariq Abed
  5. 15 Frank Nchimbi
  6. 7 Haruna Chanongo
  7. 6 Ally Kombo
  8. 4 Shabani Msala
  9. 55 Samson Kwakwala
  10. 8 Rashid Juma
  11. 22 Abalkasim Sulleiman

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