Kikosi cha Mbeya City 2022/2023 Squad List

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Since moving up to the first division, currently known as the Championship, Mbeya City, or the new generation squad, has established themselves as one of the finest teams in Tanzania’s elite league.

It is a team that is performing well in the league and has been promoted to relegation. Due to the loss of talented players in recent seasons, it has struggled to maintain its league place. One of the teams in the Tanzanian division that produces tremendous potential is Mbeya City.

It should be remembered that it was the only team that was able to fight with Simba and Yanga clubs and that’s when it became famous and loved by the residents of Mbeya until it was given the name “Timu ya Kizazi Kipya”.

Kikosi cha Mbeya City 2022/2023 Squad List

  1. Haroun Mandanda
  2. Lameck Kanyonga
  3. Kenneth Kunambi
  4. Tukumu Kibanda
  5. Gaspa Mwaipasi
  6. Samson Madeleke
  7. Eradius Salvatory
  8. Juma Shemvuni
  9. Nelson Ruta
  10. Jamal Dulazi
  11. Hassan Nassor
  12. Sixtus Sabilo
  13. Faisal Mganga
  14. George Sangija
  15. Tariq Seif
  16. Frank Ikubela
  17. Awadhi Juma
  18. Eliud Ambokile
  19. Ssemujju Joseph
  20. Baliko Anyimike
  21. Ibrahim Ndungulu
  22. Paul Nonga
  23. Aidani Rasmon

Kikosi cha Mbeya City 2022/2023 Squad List Tanzania Mainland NBC Premier League (Swahili: Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara) is the top-level professional football league in Tanzania and is administered by the Tanzania Football Federation. The league was formed in 1965 as the “National League”. Its name was later changed to the “First Division Soccer League”, and to the “Premier League” in 1997.

Kikosi cha Mbeya City 2022/2023 Squad List
Kikosi cha Mbeya City 2022/2023 Squad List


Each side plays the other twice, both at home and away, in the Tanzanian Premier League (TPL) NBC, which uses the standard double round-robin system. Each victory results in three points for the victor, one point for each side in the event of a tie, and zero points for a defeat.

Relegation and Promotion

Kikosi cha Mbeya City 2022/2023 Squad List The worst two teams are immediately demoted to the Championship, where the champion and runner-up from the Championship take their places. The third and fourth-worst-ranked clubs and the third and fourth-placed teams from the First Division meet in a play-off.

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