Kikosi Cha Singida Big Star 2022/2023

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Kikosi Cha Singida Big Star 2022/2023: Tanzanian football team Singida Big Star FC competes in the NBC Tanzanian Premier League and is headquartered in Singida. The Namfua stadium in Singida is where they play their home games.

After winning the Tanzanian Second Division League Group A in 2016 and the Tanzanian First Division League Group C in 2017, Kikosi Cha Singida Big Star 2022/2023 was promoted twice. On January 12, 2019, Serbian Dragan Popadic was hired head coach, and Dusan Momcilovic was named assistant coach.

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The management of Singida Big Star (formerly DTB) has officially started their plans for their first season in the NBC Premier League, while saying today they will officially announce the start of their registration exercise, despite being associated with several players from other clubs.

Kikosi Cha Singida Big Star 2022/2023

Kikosi Cha Singida Big Star 2022/2023
Kikosi Cha Singida Big Star 2022/2023
  1. Khomen
  2. Benedict Haule
  3. Metacha Mnata

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  1. Godfrey
  2. Yassin
  3. Juma Abdul
  4. Batambuzi Shaft
  5. Wawa
  6. Biemes Corno
  7. Mangalo
  8. Khomeiny


  • Bruno Gomes
  • Gomez
  • Daudi Name
  • Deusi Kaseke
  • Saidi Ndemla
  • Cruz Peterson
  • Nicolas Gyan
  • James Kotei
  • Kelvin Sabato
  • Aziz Andabwile
  • Duke Abuya
  • Miguel Alejandro Escobar

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  1. Meddie Kagere
  2. Hamisi Tabwe
  3. Dario Frederico
  4. Harrison Mwenda
  5. Rodrigo Figu
Kikosi Cha Singida Big Star 2022/2023
Kikosi Cha Singida Big Star 2022/2023

Staff Bench

  • Hans van Pluijm (Head Coach)
  • Mathias Lule (Ass. Coach)
  • Ramadhan Nsanzurwimo

Kikosi Cha Singida Big Star 2022/2023: mchezaji mpya singida big stars, Singida have been promoted to the Premier League from the Championship League and have announced that they will use the Liti Stadium (formerly Namfua) as their home ground when the league starts.

The Chief Executive of the team, Muhibu Kanu said they have received the report of the head coach, Ramadhan Nsanzurwimo and it has shown the players who will be signed and who will be left next season.

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“After receiving it and analyzing it in detail on Monday we will start the registration, we will register according to the wishes of the coach whom the Board of Directors is responsible for choosing,” he said.

The Chairman of the Singida Regional Football Association (Sirefa) Hamisi Kitila said the arrival of the team is a great opportunity for talents and businessmen of the region.

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