Kikosi Kipya Cha Kwanza Cha Yanga Msimu Wa 2022/2023

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Kikosi Kipya Cha Kwanza Cha Yanga Msimu Wa 2022/2023 | Yanga starting lineup :After a major battle between Yanga Sc and Simba Sc for the league championship, the 2021/2022 NBC Premier League season finally came to an end with Yanga winning the championship with 71 points followed by long-time rival Simba Sc SC with 60 points.

Kikosi Kipya Cha Kwanza Cha Yanga Msimu Wa 2022/2023, It has definitely been a good season for Yanga fans and the question is, will this happiness continue into the 2022/2023 season? Here we will take a look at the Yanga team that will participate in the matches of next season and let you decide on the comment section whether this lineup will win the league this season

Kikosi Kipya Cha Kwanza Cha Yanga Msimu Wa 2022/2023
Kikosi Kipya Cha Kwanza Cha Yanga Msimu Wa 2022/2023

Kikosi Kipya Cha Kwanza Cha Yanga Msimu Wa 2022/2023

The Young Africans Yanga starting Lineup features highly talented and promising players. The team bring together young and energetic players combined with experienced, they will fight to continue their winning ways in the NBC Premier league. The following list contains all Young African players who will surely make appearance in 2022/2023 NBC Premier league season, along with an up-to-date list of players who joined during the summer transfer window.

PositionPlayer Name
Goal KeepersDjigui Diarra
Erick Johola
Abdultwalik Msheri
DefendersDjuma Shaban
Kibwana Shomari
David Bryson
Joyce Lomalisa
Yassin Mustapha
Abdallah Shaibu
Dickson Job
Bakari Nondo
Yanick Bangala
Ibrahim Bacca
MidfieldersKhalid Aucho
Gael Bigirimana
Aziz Ki Stephane
Feisal Salum
Zawadi Mauya
Farid Mussa
Jesus Moloko
Dickson Ambundo
Salum Aboubakary Sure Boy
Denis Nkane
Benard Morrison
AttackersFiston Mayele
Yusuph Athuman
Chico ushindi
Chrispin Ngush
Yacouba Sogne
Heritier Makambo
Lazarous Kambole

Kikosi Cha Kwanza Cha Yanga Sc Msimu Wa 2022/2023 | Yanga starting lineup

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About Young Africans Sports Club

The origins of Young Africans Sc can be traced back to the 1910s, but the club’s official history begins in 1935, when Dar es Salaam residents who were classified as Africans by the Tanganyika colonial administration decided to form a football club to compete in a league dominated by “non-African” football clubs. The club was once known as New Young. Dar es Salaam Young Africans SC was later renamed Young Africans Sports Club when it was replaced.

After it was created in 1935, its members squabbled over their team’s poor performance and consequences. The club’s performance in 1936 was even poorer and more disappointing, forcing several members to split up and establish a new side. The breakaway’s proponents were Arabs who believed it was appropriate to sow strife among the club’s members, culminating in a split.

They were successful, and with the support of dissidents, they founded Queens F.C. (currently Yanga Sc). Since then, the Young Africans and Yanga Sc teams have been bitter rivals. The teams comprise the most thrilling meeting in Sub-Saharan Africa, the eye-catching ferocious and always considered as one of Africa’s top five most talked about derbies.

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