Kocha Mpya wa Coastal Union 2022/2023

Mfahamu Kocha Mpya wa Coastal Union 2022/2023, Coastal Union yatambulisha Kocha Mpya, CV ya Kocha wa Coastal Union Yusuf Chipo NBC Leo.

Omar A.S. Ayoub, the secretary general of the Coastal Union, has presented coach Yusuf Chipo, who has agreed to head the squad for a year. Juma Mgunda, who recently joined Simba SC, has been replaced as head coach of the squad by Yusuf Chipo, a Kenyan national, who has been hired on a one-year contract by the Coastal Union Club of Tanga.

Kocha Mpya wa Coastal Union 2022/2023 The coach formerly worked for Kayanza FC in Burundi’s Premier League before moving on to Pamba FC, where he now coaches Coastal Union.

Juma Mgunda, a former player for Simba, was replaced as head coach by Yusuf Chipo, a Kenyan, who signed a one-year contract with JANA Coastal Union. However, there was a movie of a similar nature hidden beneath the transaction.

Kocha Mpya wa Coastal Union 2022/2023

Goran Kopunovic, the former coach of Simba, was first invited by the management of Coastal to come and train Wana Mangushi and agree to bring down Bongo once more, but there was a pay issue since he demanded Sh9 million per month.

After telling them so, the Coastal leadership had a hasty conference to discuss the offer. They ultimately opted to abandon him at the eleventh hour, and they turned to Chipo, who was in charge of Pamba.

Kocha Mpya wa Coastal Union 2022/2023
Kocha Mpya wa Coastal Union 2022/2023

One of Coastal’s senior officials said, “The first name that was worked on was Goran, but even Chipo’s was in the plans because he is a favorite of our supporters, but when we failed to get Goran, we had to accept this one.”

Because he had previously commanded the club, Chipo’s return to Coastal was not difficult, but Pamba showed more interest in him than Chipo did.

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